Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obama to cut medical benefits for active, retired military, not union workers

Obama is seeking $3.1 billion in military assistance for Israel in next year's budget

Bathroom of Colorado Drivers License Bureau at 1865 W. Mississippi Ave.

Asia is the world's largest petroleum consumer

MSM says just a small amount of children killed by Drone attacks. So it's OK, right?

Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq's non existent WMD's

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan said she has a duty to not pay taxes because her son died in what she called an "immoral" war

Cindy Sheehan and Daniel Ellsberg arrested at Vandenberg. February 25th, 2012

Obama on Monday signed legislation to prevent the withdrawal of welfare money in casinos, liquor stores and strip bars.

Colorado post offices see increase in marijuana packages

Federal Agents Seize Drugs Sent By Bear In Cave
Colorado Medical Marijuana Users Got the Full SWAT Treatment Because of Their Legal Plants

It will become law in France to have a working breathalyzer in every car on the road, with enforcement beginning November 1.

Federal regulators plan to announce this week that automakers will be required to put rearview cameras in all passenger vehicles by 2014

John Stossel's Illegal Everything

Monday, February 27, 2012

Free Energy Device out of Africa tested & ready for the market

Last year, a federal program paid out $1.6 billion to cover free cell phones and the monthly bills of 12.5 million wireless accounts.

Top 10 People with Only One Known Photograph

Second man dies in Anchorage home for chronic alcoholics - Anchorage police say the death is not suspicious.

Marine Mammal Protection Act prohibits the trafficking of marine mammals unless they are altered into a Native handicraft.

Chrysler still owes $1.5 billion to taxpayers

THE oldest written song yet known - 3400 year old "Hurrian Hymn no.6", which was discovered in Ugarit in Syria in the early 1950s, and was preserved for 3400 years on a clay tablet, written in the Cuniform text of the ancient Hurrian language

Phibstock is a first year music and arts festival which will be held July 27-29, 2012 in the beautiful South Park Basin of central Colorado.

 "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld" take the stage in South Park's Battle of the Bands.

The Currency Act is the name of several Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain that regulated paper money issued by the colonies of British America.

Antibiotics Injected Directly Into Eggs and Other Big Pharma Secrets

CBS Cuts Off Senator Shelby in the Middle of 9/11 Prior Knowledge Discussion

Conclusive evidence that the Sixties are dead: The Jefferson Starship

" spirit " live on beat club 1970 - (1984)

waterBOB - Emergency Drinking Water Storage

Price: $29.99

South Side of the Sky - Yes (Live at Montreux)

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011) - Official Trailer

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A University of Colorado economics professor has co-authored a study that concludes that suicide rates among young males declines markedly after states legalize medical marijuana.

This time-lapse video shows employees at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., taking a few moments to assemble for a aerial photo outside the Vehicle Assembly Building

Misdiagnosis of PTSD as another preexisting disorder is becoming used by DoD doctors to discharge military dis-qualify them for medical benefits or medical retirement pay

World Bank Wants Control Of The High Seas

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, is reportedly in talks over becoming the new president of the World Bank, after Robert Zoellick confirmed he is to step down.
Law Of The Sea Treaty Will Usher In A One World Navy Published on 2007-11-04 

God Bless America - James McMurty

Battle Between Spotted Jaguar And Alligator

Hippo Licks Croc

Haiti's prime minister resigns after four months

This website provides a concise, reliable introduction to vital information of which few are aware. We specialize in providing fact-filled news articles and concise summaries of major cover-ups

Big Joe Williams - She Left Me A Mule To Ride (1966)

This is the crowd-sourced video for Johnny Cash’s last recorded song, “Ain’t No Grave.”

How the Fall of Greece Affects YOU -- No Matter Where You Are

4 UK Urban Explorers Face Orders Not To Talk With Each Other For 10 Years

The Agenda of Creating Megaregions of the United States

The Intel Hub News Brief - UN Agenda 21 Takeover Fully Exposed - Blubrry

Eef and the Blues Express in Colorado

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A group known as Anonymous, along with other activists march in Denver in a protest “against police brutality.”

Protestors throw urine bombs at Denver Police
F*ck the Police Rally - Denver - Slideshows
A Denver police officer was rushed to the hospital early Monday after being struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop.
At least 15 police cars outside Denver Health Medical Center shortly after the officer was rushed to the emergency room.

John Bolton dodges question from anti-war veteran about blowback, insults him; Fox edits out the audience booing and replaces with it applause.

Wille Nelson High School picture

Willie Nelson Says We Must Occupy Our Food Supply

Texe Marrs - Israeli Intelligence Assets in America

Amy Goodman interviews Sen. Russ Feingold

Anti-Drug Texas Politician Arrested by DEA for Marijuana Trafficking

Trillion Dollar Terror Exposed - Veterans Today

excerpt-  There is, however, proof that funds that totalled, at one time, $27 trillion had been earned surreptitiously, disposed of as part of an intelligence operation against the Soviet Union and then later stolen with accusations made against George H. W. Bush as being the perpetrator.

UPDATE-- Massive Resignations Have Started,
Major Bank Executives Resigning Left and Right
BBC panorama: Poor America. This is the result of a global banking conspiracy. This is not an accident.
update 2--The Bank resignations keep piling up... list now up to 81 as of Feb. 27 

The New Awful Google

 Here are a couple alternatives that don't track you

The New Awful Google at DuckDuckGo
The New Awful Google - Startpage Web Search

NASA Will Pay You to Eat Astronaut Food for 4 Months

Coalition Against Geoengineering

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)
"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Official Trailer

Monday, February 20, 2012

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) confirm the urgent need "for a global watchdog that is elected by the world's citizens."

Obama Advisor’s Call For Global Tax Part Of UN Agenda For Transfer of Wealth

Doctors firing families who refuse vaccines

Model health law empowers states Drugs, quarantine could be forced By Bloomberg News,, 10/31/2001

Missouri House endorsed legislation Monday that would require driver's license tests to be administered only in English

Colorado Comedian Chris Fonseca Sit Down Stand Up

Bobcat Visits Visitor's Center At Roxborough Colorado(video)

Russ Baker on Deep History and Little-Known Origins of Current Problems (mp3)

The Secret Government [aired on PBS in 1987]
COVER UP: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair

The Mexican Supreme Court of Justice on Thursday ruled that Wal-Mart de Mexico may not pay employees in part with vouchers redeemable only at its stores.

Nuclear Truckers Haul Warheads Across US

World Naked Bike Ride - Denver -1997

26 Things Non-Paul Voters Are Basically Saying.

How the FBI Invents Terrorists Like the U.S. Capitol ‘Suicide Bomber’

After two mistrials because of hung juries, US attorneys succeeded today in convicting five Florida men of intending to blow up the Sears Tower... with explosives and a plan provided by an undercover FBI agent.
C-SPAN Callers School Terror War Profiteers Cheerleader On Underwear Bomber Fairy Tale

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colorado assistant U.S. Attorney dies while snowshoeing in Rocky Mtn. National Park

Congress set to hand our highways and freeways over to foreign corporations: New toll roads planned for all 50 states

An Example of How Our Infrastructure Is being Sold To Foreign Corporations
Dubai Ports World controversy

The United States Office of War Information (OWI) was a U.S. government agency created during World War II to consolidate government information services

About what's really happening in Greece

Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer

Clear Evidence Republican Party Committing Voter Fraud

The Ocean by Led Zeppelin, Live at Madison Square Garden 1973

Michael Davis bass player for The MC5 R.I.P.

MC5 - Lookin At You (live) 1970

NYPD & DOD Working On Portable X-Ray Machine To Scan Citizens Walking Around The City

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol said Friday morning that it had turned in more than enough valid signatures to get an initiative on the ballot this November in Colorado.

President Obama secretly ordered a cruise missile attack on Yemen, using cluster bombs, which killed 44 innocent civilians, including 14 women and 21 children,

Chicago Called Most Corrupt City In Nation


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oasis of the Seas and it's sister ship, the Allure of the Seas, are the biggest cruise ships on earth. 5x bigger than the Titanic.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker were on acid(they claim) when they wore dresses to the Oscars (Video)

World Health Organization Decides to Release Research on Super Flu That Could Wipe Out Humanity

A drone owned by an animal rights group was reportedly shot down near Ehrhardt, S.C.

 Beamed Power For Dragonfly Spies(1997)
 Harvard University engineers have come up with a production technique inspired by pop-up books and origami, that allows clones of tiny robots to be mass-produced in sheets.
 The Week's Best Robot Videos: Shooting Hoops and Taking Flight
For the first time, a man-robot handshake has taken place in space. Yesterday, the humanoid automaton Robonaut 2 pressed the (metal) flesh with American astronaut Daniel Burbank
"A new federal law, signed by the president on Tuesday, compels the Federal Aviation Administration to allow drones to be used for all sorts of commercial endeavors
RETANK: Drones Set to Invade U.S. National Parks
RETANK: Drones the beginning of a global Skynet
RETANK: Drone in North Dakota help local police with surveillance, raising questions that trouble privacy advocates.
RETANK: Drone may be coming to Miami-Dade

Friday, February 17, 2012

Colorado lawmakers are pushing a bill to legalize gold and silver coins as usable currency.

Orange stickers with an image of rifle cross hairs were found yesterday on the office nameplates of several Democratic state senators, prompting an investigation by Missouri Capitol Police

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Hour Of The Time audio broadcasts of Bill Cooper

William Cooper Killed in SWAT Raid

Boat Chased By Hippo

Obama Confirms Adviser Sperling's Call for a “Global Minimum Tax”

Snow boarding at night wearing an LED suit.

Paul Butterfield on ‘To Tell The Truth’ in 1966

Restaurant servers, bartenders and other Florida workers who rely heavily on tips are expressing outrage about a plan moving through the Legislature that could slash their hourly wages.

The Greek Parliament voted on Monday to pass a new round of fiscal austerity measures, slashing the minimum wage, cutting thousands of jobs

Food project proposes raising brainless chickens in vertical Matrix-style contraptions

First test-tube hamburger ready this fall

Ancient relics stolen from Greek museum, prompting minister of culture to resign

The America Israel Racing team is asking for donations.

World Press Photos of the Year, 2012

My Favorite
Pictures of the Year International

Mechanical Dragonfly Drone

Flying Robot Birds 
Army orders 1,100 micro-robots for $13.9 million\
Drones carry surveillance equipment, including video cameras, infrared ones, heat sensors, and radar for sophisticated virtually constant spying. Newer versions carry super high resolution "gigapixel" cameras. They enable tracking above 20,000 feet. They can monitor up to 65 enemies simultaneously, and can see targets up to 25 miles away.

Ice Balloon: Doomed Arctic expedition to the north pole in 1897

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In exchange for keeping at least a 90 percent occupancy rate, the private prison company Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has sent a letter to 48 states offering to manage their prisons for the low price of $250 million per year

Israel Betrays America into War with Iran (by David Duke)

Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni- Anti-Semitic Trick!

The Rolling Stones- Off the Hook (TAMI Show) 1964

T.A.M.I. Show From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Investigators serve warrants at Parker high school over sexting

Caterpillar Closes Canadian Plant to Take Advantage of Cheaper Workers--in the U.S.

Washington Monument circa 1860. Library of Congress description: "Washington Monument as it stood for 25 years.".

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer

Under a just passed law, Illinois SWAT units can now attach silencers to their weapons.

Rick Santorum Declares War On Heavy Metal

Megadeth frontman backs Rick Santorum

The Pentagon’s Plans for More Prisons, Drones, and Black Ops in Afghanistan

300.000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto In Federal Court!

A French court on Monday declared U.S. biotech giant Monsanto(MON.N) guilty of chemical poisoning of a French farmer, a judgment that could lend weight to other health claims against pesticides.
Former Monsanto lawyer now FDA Czar
Monsanto Shareholders Meeting Exposed The opposition to the corporation known as Monsanto and their influence in the White House, the effects on the economy, revenue for US food exports are coming to a head.
Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields
Boulder Colorado Says No To GMO Food Crops
 RETANK: Whole Foods Sells Out to Monsanto
RETANK: Monsanto-spawned superweeds growing three inches daily, destroying farm equipment
 RETANK: How Monsanto And Evangelical Christian Organizations Hijacked The Taxpayer Money Intended For Haiti
RETANK: We the Sheeple of America w/ lyrics - Payday Monsanto aka Payze Duez

An Australian barman who mooned the U.K.'s Queen Elizabeth during her visit to the country last year has been fined about $800

Coldplay's 'The Scientist' is performed by country music legend Willie Nelson

Monday, February 13, 2012

Selenium Contamination Linked to Two-Headed Trout Near Idaho Phosphate Mine

The Detroit News has published a call to add contraceptives to the water supply

BP contractor dismissed from Deepwater Horizon oil spill case based on sealed evidence

2/13/2012 ☢ Alert ! 110 CPM in the SNOW - St. Louis, Missouri ☢ AVOID EXPOSURE ☢

Judge allows prosecutors to seize a defense attorney’s phone.

White House Cuts Kansas Biosecurity Lab Funding

Cheaper, Smaller Network of Spy Satellites Gives Troops on the Ground Their Own Eye in the Sky

Coroner: Mesa County driver killed by own car Sunday was very drunk

For the first time in 15 years the beautiful canals of Amsterdam they are completely frozen(video)

Santorum Named One Of Three “Most Corrupt” Senators In 2006

Santorum warns of ‘reign of environmental terror’

Agenda 21 is an action plan of the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development and was an outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

Agenda 21 For Dummies

Bribery, compromised officials leave indicted financial-crime suspects free from prosecution under Holder’s DOJ

John Boehner Bows Down to Obama and Eric Holder: Drops Fast and Furious Investigation

WARNING GRAPHIC-- Guy still alive as half his face is blown off by Assad rocket attack (Homs,Syria)

Hutaree militia trial opens Monday

Various Hutaree training clips set to weird 80's music from Germany.

Whitney’s last public performance was this song

 Whitney Houston's Early TV Commercials
 Dubai Fountains Synchronized With Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"!

Anti-Government = Mental Illness According to Study

Virtually everyone agrees that individuals suffering from serious mental illnesses should not be allowed to purchase firearms.

See where this is going?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Judge Napolitano.How to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 mins

Emerging movement encourages sheriffs to act as shield against federal tyranny

Peace Officers Uniting to End State & Federal Tyranny - January 2012 | Las Vega, Nevada - County Sheriff Project
Oath Keepers » Oath Keepers – Guardians of the Republic

General Electric designed Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 2 hits 91.2 Celsius on February 13

Scientists warn of massive new earthquake from activated faults around Fukushima Daiichi | Enformable

Sunday school teacher rolls up window during police stop, cop shoots her dead claiming his arm was stuck and she tried to drive away.

And here is another one, "Smith started to drive off and the deputy became lodged in the window of his truck and was dragged down the street. A shot was fired and the deputy fell onto the road. He was not seriously hurt."

The "hand caught in the window" is the new excuse for cold blooded murder
Cop or Serial Killer??
 US Marine murdered in his car by cop while his children were in the back seat
Cannon County deputies shot and killed a man they claim attempted to run over them while doing donuts in his front yard. 
Seattle cop caught threatening to make up evidence
18 Year Old Man Killed By NYPD Over Marijuana
Cop Tasers Girl Leaving Her Braindead & Now In A Vegetative State 
A Pennslyvania Magisterial District judge was totally busted for dismissing her own parking violations

FBI arrests man for uploading a 5-minute YouTube video critical of US foreign policy

Attorney General Scott Pruitt(OK) was the only AG not to sign the $26 billion multistate deal with mortgage servicers that included the Justice Department and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The foreclosure fraud settlement: An amnesty for Wall Street criminals
Federal Reserve expected to claim no homes have been wrongfully foreclosed

Tazer Ball, a new game in which players use stun guns to floor their opponents

'Unknown to most Americans', 'in 120 countries across the globe, troops from Special Operations Command carry out their secret war of high-profile assassinations, low-level targeted killings, capture/kidnap operations, kick-down-the-door night raids, joint operations with foreign forces'

84-page report on the war effort in Afghanistan, prepared by Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, a 17-year Army veteran who recently returned from his second tour there

Casino Jack and the United States of Money Poster

Every manned U.S. military aircraft now flying uses parts forged by the Fifty. So does every commercial aircraft made by Airbus and Boeing.

Wikipedia list of prominent people from Colorado

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The first rock & roll record to feature a Theremin!

The Sniper’s Nest At Super Bowl XLVI

Missouri has a wild horse herd(who knew)

The 50 Most Powerful Images From the Civil War

Kyle Dyer gets bit by dog live

Kyle was interviewing Max, an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff, his owner, and a firefighter, who rescued Max from an icy pond on Tuesday, when she was bitten in the face.
Kyle Dyer dog bite fallout: It's not the crime, it's the cover up

The 1910 Version of The Wizard of Oz

RETANK: The Wizard of Oz as a Monetary Allegory
The Secret of Oz

Obama Invokes NDAA Declaring Threat From Iran A National Emergency

Syria's Assad vs CFR Globalist Barbara Walters: WideShut Analysis

Congress Approves 30,000 Spy Drones Over America As US Police State Tightens

 The List OF 75 US Senators Who Voted To Let 30,000 Drones Shoot Americans In The Streets
 RETANK: Drone in North Dakota help local police with surveillance, raising questions that trouble privacy advocates.
The iRobot 710 Warrior is a powerful and rugged robot that carries heavy payloads, travels over rough terrain and climbs stairs while performing a variety of critical missions:

Missouri mother found with blood-covered baby after 'slitting her throat' in same woods where ex-boyfriend was found dead

Beatles, Pink Floyd Engineer Alan Parsons Rips Audiophiles

Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran's nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News

St. Louis man fatally shot trying to get people to sign a petition to make Missouri safer

Church Offers 'Porn And Pancakes' On Saturday

Largest mass drug arrest in Colorado history takes down four drug distribution organizations

Colorado lawmakers are considering making welfare recipients take a drug test before receiving benefits.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

An enormous multi-storey marijuana farm, that used enough electricity to power an entire city block, has been discovered on a busy New York street

16 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DCLaws, Fees, and Possession Limits

A Kansas City, Mo., police officer has been charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and of assaulting an officer

A Port St. Lucie woman who said her big breasts hindered her ability to perform field sobriety tests was arrested on a DUI charge after starting to dance and disrobe,

Charges have been filed against a County District Court Judge after allegedly abusing his authority to dismiss traffic tickets issued to his wife and court staff.

U.S. Planning to Slash Iraq Embassy Staff by as Much as Half

UPDATE - Prototype robotic “pack mule” stands up, lies down and follows leader carrying 400 lbs. of squad’s gear

RETANK: NAO Next Gen : the new robot of Aldebaran Robotics

Derinkuyu Underground City is located in the homonymous Derinkuyu district in Nev┼čehir Province, Turkey.

Single Traffic Camera Generates More Than $3 Million a Year for City

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

CIA caught, once again, funding "Al Qaeda" in Syria.

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Beer Super Bowl Ad Aired Only in Nebraska

The Haight-Ashbury Museum of Psychedelic Art and History is a proposed permanent museum that will focus on psychedelic art and Haight-Ashbury’s role in the psychedelia movement of the 1960s

The Diggers were a radical community-action group of activists and Improv actors operating from 1966–68, based in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.

Nuclear Follies Continue: Fukushima, Vermont Yankee, and San Onofre

Fukushima Reactor Building 4 Severely Leaning and if it goes, or WHEN it goes, there will be unprecedented radiation contamination of the earth
Radiation Safety Posters From 1947

Columbia MO USA: SWAT Raid on home with children present

Suspected marijuana was found by three police officers at the home of the director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Commission, whose mission is to eradicate marijuana.

An Auburn soldier gets a new kind of prosthetic leg called the PowerFoot BiOM.

Turkey and Israel clandestinely influenced U.S. foreign policy, and acquired U.S. nuclear bomb technology they eventually sold on the international black market

Driver Runs Red Light Just To Flip Off Camera Man Hates Red-Light Cameras, Says He Won't Pay Ticket

Neil Young, the Donkey and Digital Music: The Full Dive Into Media Interview (Video)

The Isley Brothers - Ohio/Machine Gun-1973

Coyote Attacks Jogger On Boulder Bike Path

Boulders Anderson Ditch

Researchers at the University of Georgia Regenerative Bioscience Center have come up with a new solution for healing broken bones that cuts recovery time to days.

New Madrid quake disaster was exactly 200 years ago

Probationers Can't Use Medical Marijuana

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Air Force Times reports that the hundreds of Predator-class drones and high-altitude Global Hawk UAVs may be coming back to ply U.S. air space. Steve Pennington

Houston area lawmakers, flush with industry cash, request drone testing site

Downtown Spokane Street Musician Bryson Andres

House passed a bill that permits the companies who hold Internet use information (like your browsing history or IP address) can share it in the name of protecting cybersecurity

Robberies are up in Denver by 18 percent over the last 18 months.

Santorum: Iran would nuke Missouri

Ron Paul - Through the Years

Tritium Leaking in 48 of 65 Nuclear Sites Across America Reports U.S. NRC

Antarctica’s about to lose a New York City-sized chunk glacier

Astronomy Giant Crack in Antarctica About to Create New York-Size Iceberg {Video}

Video from neilyoung.com - In studio recording Jan. 6, 2012

Eerie pictures of the abandoned leper colony just 350 yards from the Bronx

University of North Carolina-Charlotte Gets Their Own SWAT Team

Dr. Hook - Sylvia's Mother(1970s)


The Strange Career of Darrell Issa

Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks

Pfizer sent shudders through women across the US yesterday, when it recalled 1 million packets of birth control pills

Thursday, February 02, 2012

History of "Shortnin' Bread" - 4 versions

The Cramps - Shortnin bread

(Intro) Elvis Presley with Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Noel Gallagher, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye

Historical footage of Bob Dylan & The Band at Isle of Wight Festival, 1969

By 7 p.m. on Valentine's Day, all medical marijuana centers in Fort Collins must close their doors

Out-of-Control Cop Punches Defenseless Special-Needs Girl

This girl Dialed 911. The Cop Who Came to Help Raped Her an Then She was Arrested TADA!

Largest insurer in Kansas declines to participate in governor’s Medicaid reform

A Kansas mayor wants to impose a ban on caps and hooded sweatshirts to help lower the crime rate.


Hibernating bears develop a “fecal plug” or “tappen” in their rectum.

via You’re Just Going To Have To Hold It

Sugar tax needed, say US experts

A Montara man walking two lapdogs off leash was hit with an electric-shock gun by a National Park Service ranger after allegedly giving a false name and trying to walk away,

Private equity firms are jumping into distressed housing as the U.S. government plans to market 200,000 foreclosed homes as rentals to speed up the economic recovery.