Saturday, October 27, 2007

The main war profiteers in Iraq and Afghanistan?


Let's see:
power generation rebuilding contracts:
$603 million to Flour-Amec
$611 million to Washington International
$566 million to Perini Corp.

water system reconstruction contracts:
$600 million to Washington Intl / Black & Veatch
$1.1 billion to Fluor-Amec

oil construction contracts:
$7 billion Kellogg, Brown and Root (Halliburton)
$425 million Parsons-Worley

Central Command Capacity contracts:
$500 million CH2M Hill etc.
$500 million KBR
$500 million Fluor
$500 million Parsons
$500 million Shaw
$500 million Odebrecht-Austin
$500 million AIC-Syska-Hennesy-Archidon
$500 million Washington Intl-Black&Veatch
$500 million Perini
$500 million Contrak

And now we're on to the USAID contracts:
$1.8 billion Bechtel - Parsons
$680 million Bechtel

Those are just the large contracts; there are many, many more. Take private security for example:
$293 million Aegis
$48 million Vinnell
$11 million Blackwater

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

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The Six Corporations Who Control the Media

Now there is a plan that would ease limits on media owners

When Ben Bagdikian's important work The Media Monopoly was first published in 1983, 50 corporations owned most of American media. With the fifth edition in 1997, only 10 corporations control almost everything we see, hear and read, leading to loss of depth, range and quality in the news and limitation of subjects addressed on the national agenda to those that won't rock the corporate boat. Here`s a good article from a former FCC commissioner back in 1995..

And the Columbia Journalism Reviews
guide to what the major media companies own.

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Friday, October 12, 2007