Friday, June 29, 2012

UC Santa Cruz announced today the launch of the Grateful Dead Archive Online.

Grateful Dead - Althea 03-28-81

Right now, a Maasai Warrior on mobile phone has better mobile communications than President Reagan did 25 years ago; And, if he were on Google, he would have access to more information than President Clinton did just 15 years ago.

The Atomic Cake Controversy of 1946

Personal drug use decriminalized in Colombia

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- A bison has died from rabies at a Colorado State University research facility in Fort Collins.

RETANK: Watch this video for details on the airborne rabies-flu virus concoction as reported by National Geographic
RETANK: Rabies starting to develop in vaccinated dogs and cats
Man bitten by rabid fox he thought was a cat
RETANK: Rabid bobcat loose in bar
RETANK: Man Fights Off Rabid Bobcat With Bare Hands
RETANK: TIL- Rabies can have an incubation period of several years


RETANK: The Mafia, CIA and George Bush

Ex-Wall Street Banker Apparent Suicide In Courtroom After 'Guilty' Verdict For Arson

video - Man Collapses, Dies in Court After Being Convicted of Arson - YouTube

"Will 2012 be the summer when Colorado finally burns to the ground?" (mefi)

Colorado High School Students Dissect Bear

A bear that got stuck in an SUV in the Boulder foothills this week caused major damage to the interior of the vehicle.
A few days before that

Bear Gets Stuck In Boulder Man's Car
Bears trash summer camp evacuated during High Park Fire
Triplet bear cubs found inside car in Snowmass Village
Man survives weekend bear attack in Teton Basin
Bear Den.AVI
Bear Den Cam
reddit bears

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sixty million euro has been stolen from bank accounts in a massive cyber bank raid after fraudsters raided dozens of financial institutions around the world.

The Politicians Who Cried 'Cyber Pearl Harbor'

Avoiding a digital Pearl Harbor: Joe Lieberman, Susan Collins and Tom Carper

British rock band Muse have announced their new single Survival will be the official song for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

FDA Moves to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Livestock(mefi link)

Antibiotics Illegal in the US Found in Samples of Foreign Shrimp
Antibiotics Injected Directly Into Eggs and Other Big Pharma Secrets
Flies and cockroaches carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria from factory farms, study finds
Antibiotics in Livestock: Obama Administration Calls for Limits July 16, 2009
RETANK: New rules will fire USDA inspectors and let the poultry industry inspect its own slaughterhouse lines

The Sahara is the world's largest desert, about the size of the United States including Alaska.

UN Register of Conventional Arms

Ian Hunter - Live - New York 1980 - Gun Control

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of the oil consumed by U.S. passenger vehicles, 5.5 percent is used for air conditioning.

Map of world weed use

Texe Marrs - The Secret Brotherhood - Part 1

Prosecuting George W Bush for Murder

Locked Up Abroad

16 quadrotor robots put on an unbelievable show called “Meet Your Creator.”

Evansville, Indiana police intent on "sending a message" that online threats against police will not be tolerated organized a massive raid against a forum troll on an online forum.

"The United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights." - Jimmy Carter(mefi link)

"A pod of orcas, or killer whales, cooperate to wash a Weddell seal off an ice floe.

Romney Says He Wouldn't Need Approval of Congress to Attack Iran

Mitt Romney told donors attending his campaign's Utah retreat that he is briefed on the Middle East by Israeli government officials.
Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu Are Old Friends

The Tempe, Ariz., man injured during a rare bear attack in the Tonto National Forest is in critical condition today after the state’s third such incident in a month.

RETANK: Bear breaks into 2 cars on Hurricane Hill looking for snacks
June 11, 2012 Bear spotted in Castle Rock neighborhood
RETANK: Police in the Morrison area asked neighbors stay in their homes after a mountain lion climbed a tree
May 04, 2012 Boulder's 'Falling Bear' Killed In Highway Accident
April 26, 2012 Bear Drug-Darted After Climbing Tree On CU Campus
The bear killed Tuesday is the first-ever recorded case of a rabid bear in Virginia and only the second case on the East Coast that state officials are aware of
RETANK: STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. -- Tranquilized black bear stuck in a tree.
May 18, 2012 TRINIDAD, Colo. -- The Las Animas County Sheriff's Office said it fatally shot a bear after it attacked a woman
300-pound black bear was in the 8300 block of Shoshone Street in the southwest corner of Pecos Street and West 84th Avenue.
RETANK: A man charged with unlawfully shooting and killing a grizzly bear had so many supporters at his arraignment Tuesday in federal court that the judge had to move the hearing to a larger courtroom.
RETANK: Bear feasts on 15 chickens at Silver City home; watch video - El Paso Times

Freedom Commission on Mental Health was established by U.S. President George W. Bush in April 2002 to conduct a comprehensive study of the U.S. mental health service delivery system and subsequently recommended screening of American adults for possible mental illnesses, and children for emotional disturbances, thereby identifying those with suspected disabilities

Monday, June 25, 2012

Turkey vows action after Syria shoots down jet

But remember this, Israel opened fire at a Turkish aid ship sailing for the Gaza Strip and there was no retaliation?

Broke cities selling ads on the city’s fire trucks.

Most non-organic veggie burgers currently on the market are made with a chemical called hexane which is an air pollutant as recognized by the EPA and a known neurotoxin

GMO foods don't need special label, American Medical Assn. says

Tom Tancredo to Speak at White Supremacist Conference

Tom Tancredo group plans suit over immigrant tuition at Metro

Radioactive “Dirt” Hits Tokyo

Rancid - Life Won't Wait(The Vision is a New World Order)

CNBC Admits: We Are Slaves To The Central Bankers On LIVE TV!

Moody's cuts ratings of 28 Spanish banks
Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 5)

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that it is unconstitutional for states to require juveniles convicted of murder to be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

The JFK File Reopened

The Assassination of JFK Junior

Pro-Palestinian activist ‘barred from Israel after refusing to log in to her email’

At Least 10 Wildfires Now Active In Colorado

The Truth Exposed: Muammar Gaddafi

Moammar Gadhafi on Larry King 9/28/09

Over the last five years, just 2 percent of Colorado’s 175,015 felony convictions came by way of a jury trial. The rest were plea bargains.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ron Wood - Ooh La La - 2004

Ronnie Wood is joined by 30 years younger girlfriend Sally Humphreys as his art exhibition travels to New York

Drone Used To Spy On Miami Partygoers

If that's what it is like in Miami, DO NOT WANT!

Issa Admits No Evidence White House Involved in Fast and Furious

Darrell Issa's Criminal Background

United States of Europe?

Extreme Weather Takes Over America

While cocaine production ravages countries in Central America, consumers in the US and Europe are helping developed economies grow rich from the profits.

Historian Webster Tarpley Analyzes Bush's Behavior on 9/11

Webster Tarpley's Disinfo

Happy 68th Birthday Jeff Beck

More than 5,500 guns were taken off of Chicago streets during the city's buy-back program on Saturday.

The Fabulous Poodles - Mirror Star

Fabulous Poodles - Roll Your Own

House passes sweeping energy package brought to you by Colorado Republicans

Video of crazy Lord Monckton parachuting in to climate conference

Bill guarantees Israel unlimited funds allocated through Federal Reserve, legally binds US to security of Israel passes in House 411-2

Pension Giant Dumps $73 Million Caterpillar Stock Over Israel Ties

Zionist Editing on Wikipedia

A new study by sociologists studying social networking have determined that Wikipedia is not an intellectual project based on mutual collaboration, but a war zone.

Operation Snow White was the Church of Scientology's name for a conspiracy during the 1970s to purge unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Governor Jindal: Seafood from the Gulf Safe

Research: Gulf Shrimp Widely Contaminated With Carcinogens
Fukushima sea food safe for eating


FRANKENSTEER is a disturbing yet compelling documentary that reveals how the ordinary cow is being transformed into an antibiotic dependent, hormone-laced potential carrier of toxic bacteria

How to cook and eat caterpillars

There are roughly 50,000 homeless people in New York City

The War on Poverty's New Tactic: Outlaw Homelessness
Number Of People Living In Extreme Poverty Up 50% Since 2000

The Manufacturing of a President covers Barack H. Obama, Jr's rapid rise in American politics and the role that the CIA played in propelling him into the White House.

Mena Connection: Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, Drug smuggling

INSIDE THE OCTOPUS: The Barry Seal Story
[Max field length is unknown] Gary Webb on C.I.A. Trafficking of Cocaine
Executive privilege explained: What Obama's Fast and Furious document claim means

The start of the Invisible Children Documentary about the Ugandan Children

But THIS I just don't know what to say about

Friday, June 22, 2012

Global seed bank to be Noah's Ark of food

Bear breaks into 2 cars on Hurricane Hill looking for snacks

RETANK: Bear spotted in Castle Rock neighborhood
Cocky Canadian Loud-Mouth Challenges Bear to Bluffing Contest
Coyote sighted in Lakewood Colorado neighborhood
Bear cub stuck in garage
Bear wanders into Aspen home
Hiker rescued bear cub with head stuck in plastic jug


It has been reported in St. Louis, MO that residents of the city as well as the rest of St. Charles County might be encountering military vehicles and personnel this week.

New Greek finance minister hospitalized after fainting hours before he was expected to take his oath of office.

Starving Greeks line up by the thousands for food handouts

This is a counterpoint to Hamilton Nolan's rant, "Air Conditioning Makes You Weak."

We interrupted the power supplies in Libya(and Iraq) and suffered all those people to the heat. It's a psychological tactic used in those countries we are invading.

Qaddafi: "You destroy our air conditioners"

Homeland Security Trained Westminster Police for “Drug Checkpoints”

Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison Buys Sixth Largest Hawaiian Island

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

35 Million Chickens a Day are Slaughtered in the US

FDA has now finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic, a cancer-causing toxic chemical that’s fatal in high doses.

Denver Photo Archives

The tasing was necessary to prevent the handcuffed and hog-tied woman from leaping from the squad car and injuring "children present at the scene."

Gamma Ray - Induction + Dethrone Tyranny

Adidas blasted over prison fashion 'shackle' sneaker

Jimmy Vaughn - Don't Want No Shackles

Colorado says farmers facing drought can’t use well water

Ranchers in western Colorado are selling off cattle to avoid losing them to a severe drought.
Farmers are only allowed to pump a limited amount of groundwater. If farmers exceed their allotment of groundwater, they are charged $3,000 a day for each pump used.

CIA releases declassified 9/11 file documents, dated between 1992 and 2004 that are heavily blacked out and offer little new information about what the U.S. knew about the al-Qaida plot before 2001.

Israeli Propaganda Committee

ECI board members include William Kristol, editor and founder of the Weekly Standard and cofounder of the Foreign Policy Initiative; Rachel Abrams, wife of notorious Iran-Contra veteran Elliott Abrams; and Gary Bauer, a well-know Christian Zionist who leads the lobby groups American Values and Keep Israel Safe and serves on the executive board of John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel.

Meddling by Brussels is set to hit Britain’s pensioners after a report found new rules could slash annuities by up to 20 per cent

US enlists Britain's help to stop ship 'carrying Russian attack helicopters' to Syria

Pakistani Taliban commander has banned polio vaccinations in North Waziristan, in the tribal belt, days before 161,000 children were to be inoculated

Victims of forced sterilisation in the US state of North Carolina will not get compensation, after a payout plan failed in the state Senate.
The United States has immunity from a class action related to the government-sponsored infection of hundreds of Guatemalans with syphilis, a federal judge ruled

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

In this 1950s TV commercial they actually painted a woman's face with radioactive material to demonstrate the effectiveness of a cold cream!

Ann Coulter Says Radiation Is Good For You(video)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Westminster Colorado police conducted a five-and-a-half hour drug stop on Highway 36 Wednesday night, stopping and searching vehicles for narcotics

Aurora Colorado Police Stop, Handcuff 40 Innocent Adults At Intersection In Search Of Bank Robber

DoD Current and Projected Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Inventory Levels Through 2017

US Needs Another 600 Humans to Fly Its Robot Planes
US Military Wants Drones in South America
U.S. Military Wants More Drones In Latin America
Obama Regime Admits Drone Campaign In Yemen And Somalia For First Time
In 2006 Flight International reported that the CIA had been developing micro UAVs as far back as the 1970s and had a mock-up in its Langley headquarters since 2003

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park announced that the Cliffhanger Roller Coaster will open on Friday.

U.S. Army Chief Says Military Will Be Used To Provide “Rapid Response Options” and Address “Challenges in the United States Itself”

Boulder County sheriff buys new armored vehicle with Homeland Security grant

Real Suspects of 9/11

9/11's Most Explosive Fact -- Barbara Honegger in San Diego (1 of 2)

Dutch mobile euthanasia units to make house calls

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Under The 'Nuclear Shadow' Of Colorado's Rocky Flats

Rocky Flats: Legacy is an award-winning documentary about former Rocky Flats nuclear workers who are fighting for their lives against the government,
Rocky Flats - Safe for Jefferson Parkway Development?
U.S. Department of Energy wants to take down the dams at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant site that for the last many years have been serving to help prevent radioactive and toxic pollutants from entering the water supplies of northwest metro Denver communities
RETANK: Dr. Harvey Nichols on Rocky Flats Plutonium - Nov 17, 2009(video has been pulled)
RETANK: Nuclear waste coming to a landfill near you
Doing Halflife - In the new Broomfield County Jail, inmates may glow in the dark
RETANK: Judy Padilla tells her story of working at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant from 1982 to 2005. 

'60 Minutes' interviews Boulder DA Stan Garnett about medical marijuana

Reaction Gifs

Supreme Court Rejects ALL Guantanamo Detainee Torture Suits

Colorado High Park Fire Nearly Doubles In Size Overnight, Now Burning More Than 36,000 Acres, Zero Containment

Russia' test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile

Monday, June 11, 2012

Study: Improperly-stored vaccines may harm kids

Bear spotted in Castle Rock neighborhood

RETANK: Bear Crashes Denver Couple's Wedding
Bear Breaks Into Several Cars In Snowmass Village
ANCHORAGE - A high school in Alaska got a bit of a scare when two black bears were found roaming the halls.
Alaska bear mauling victim recounts ordeal
Homeowner tapes bears fighting one another in her backyard.
 A woman was attacked by a bear in Grafton New Mexico, after it was apparently attracted by the smell of food cooking, said authorities.

A generation of Kansas drinkers has never known happy hour, but after 27 years, hourly drink specials are returning to the state.

Track the biggest gains and losses of the day for the major public holdings of a select group of billionaires

Documentary of iraq war vets who were injured/paralyzed who now question why they were sent there

Joggobot, The Companion Drone That Makes You Run Faster, Longer, Harder

Navy drone crashes in Maryland
House Homeland Security Committee chairman Peter King (R-NY),  said he’s “not concerned” about  civilian casualties, adding that the U.S. drone policy is one “righteousness and goodness“ 
Which is what they will echo when they are using them on citizens in the US
Find Out How Your Local Police Agency is Using Drones
Skynet Becomes Self-Aware: How to Welcome Our AI Overlords

Pledges forgotten, local governments repurpose federally funded parks

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Third Reich: The Rise and Fall uncovers familiar anecdotes and fascinating details about the people who comprised the Nazi Party, and raids the treasure trove of archives the Nazis left behind, including rarely seen German newsreel recordings along with other unique footage carried home by Russian troops.

EURASIAN ECONOMIC BOOM AND GEOPOLITICS: China’s Land Bridge to Europe: The China-Turkey High Speed Railway

Feds Ready to Propose National Distracted-Driving Guidelines

'Sexually deviant' penguins too much for Antarctic explorer

Wall Street private equity firms are being investigated by Congress for literally stealing children's teeth right out of their mouths for profit

Drones, Computer Viruses and Blowback

Bob Dole Alert -- Sister of former senator Bob Dole dies at 86

Bob Dole is 89

RETANK: DOLE WATCH - Bob Dole takes his place on the Kansas Walk of Honor
 RETANK: "BOB DOLE ALERT" - Bob Dole endorses Romney for Republican nominee

Law shields industry on cruise-ship crime information

Monday, June 04, 2012

Watch this video for details on the airborne rabies-flu virus concoction as reported by National Geographic

Joni Mitchell Videos

Crosby, Stills & Nash are performing Suite Judy Blue Eyes. At 03:15 Joni and Neil Young walk out on stage. Joni harmonizes with CSN&Y.


Seized Tennessee pot farm converted to preserve

The land's prior owners, Jeffory Carl Young, 55, and Morris Roller, 59, had been known for their philanthropic and preservation efforts before being arrested and unmasked as the masterminds of a huge pot operation. Young was sentenced to 18 years and is currently in a Mississippi low-security federal prison. Roller was sentenced to 16 years and is currently in a South Dakota minimum-security federal prison.

This is the hottest temperature on record in Greenland for May,

Denver sets record high today, highs near 90 for the next week
Drought Causing Panic Among Weld County Farmers

People Eat Other People on a Pretty Regular Basis

Today is the anniversary of The Wrath of the Granby Killdozer

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Obama: NATO and the UN, not Congress, determine US military actions

Microphone Grabbed Out of Hands of Reporter Questioning Honeywell CEO

Advice for those considering joining the military

University of Colorado is auctioning off their basketball/volleyball court flooring.

Congress has launched an inquiry into the EPA’s use of drones to monitor the livestock activities of farmers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

 How Obama Changed Definition of ‘Civilian’ in Secret Drone Wars
Canadian news media reporting that there have been at least 42 drone crashes since 2000
A massive experimental drone designed by Boeing Co. engineers to fly for up to four days at a time completed its first test flight above the Mojave Desert at Edwards Air Force Base
 RETANK: US Announces Plans To Arm Domestic Surveillance Drones With Missiles
RETANK: VA Governor Wants Military Drones For Police
RETANK: Drone in North Dakota help local police with surveillance, raising questions that trouble privacy advocates.

States are looking for new ways of taxing motorists as they seek to pay for highway and bridge repair and improvements

Dennis Hopper on ‘Petticoat Junction

U.S. Labels ALL Young Men In Battle Zones As “Militants” … And American Soil Is Now Considered a Battle Zone

A collective group of animals is called,,

Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Americana – review

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Oh Susannah

Derek and the Dominos - Key to the Highway (Live 1970)

GM to cut about one-fourth of U.S. pension liability

What becomes of Janesville, Wisconsin, now that GM's left town?