Monday, October 31, 2011

Silly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance 1929 Disney Short

SMITHFIELD, N.C. — Police in Smithfield say they may have to stop investigating misdemeanors and ignore some 911 calls if town leaders don't provide more gas money.

S.C. Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves

Obama to host North American summit in Hawaii in November

Honolulu resident and others will be banned from a half-mile stretch of the beach in mid-November, when President Barack Obama hosts a meeting for APEC leaders in Hawaii

Both on the same day

Chevrolet, which celebrates its centenary on November 3rd, is as woven into the fabric of American culture as Coca-Cola.

Turtle Wants More Pumpkin Pie

Official has regrets in gun-smuggling controversy

EPA Puts Former Senior Administrator Who Supported Whistleblower in Prison

Whirlpool announces big layoffs, will close factories around the world

UN recognizes Palestine, U.S. & Israel retaliate by cutting funding for UN

Pete Townshend brands iTunes a 'digital vampire'

Pot Drone

ND farmers push for constitutional right to farm

Jobless US vets say military experience not valued

War profiteers top 0.01% of wealthy Americans

USDA Predicts Surging Food Prices in Coming Year

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima and the Perils of Nuclear Power

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A 17-year-old woman was found hanging from a noose inside the "Creepyworld" haunted house attraction in Fenton, Mo. last week

It is now the law of the land that by March 23rd 2013 we will all be required to have an RFID chip underneath our skin

Ron Paul gets hot when Wolf Blitzer questions him on Racist Accusations printed in “The New Republic”.

Dye Tracing Caves

Wyoming hunter injured in bear attack

Bears in Dens to Be off-Limits to Colorado Hunters

[video] Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright sing “Material Girl” for Wall St Protesters

The Long Blue Line of One Hundred Ten Denver Area Police Facing Occupy Denver Protestors Along Broadway

Denver Police Officer Cited For Misdemeanor Child Abuse

Them - Gloria - 1966

What Branson Missouri has in common with Las Vegas and Silicon Valley

Hillbilly Jamboree Phillip Steinmetz - Ol' Rattler

Signs That You Are Too Old to Trick-or-Treat

Jethro Tull - Too old to rock & roll

U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf After Exit From Iraq

Zig Zag Birds ✭ HALLOWEEN SONG! ✭ Bump In The Night

The Tiger Lillies Shockheaded Peter

Amy Winehouse video being interviewed by cab driver at age 18

A SECRET album of unheard Amy Winehouse material is to be released

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rock band Widespread Panic says its bus driver suffered a fatal heart attack en route to a gig in Iowa.

The Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan has decided to not reveal its volumes of materials to the public for another 20 years

A Houston area law enforcement agency is prepared to launch an unmanned drone that could someday carry weapons

Drones, Drone , Drone, drone

Todd Kuiken is building a prosthetic arm that connects with the human nervous system -- improving motion, control and even feeling

Denver police ‘Beat the Crowds’ T-shirt no laughing matter, protesters charge

Twin Rivers Police Association stops sales of controversial T-shirts

Your conspiracy challenge today- Google "Rachael-Columbine"

And then Google Joey Buttafuccos girlfriend Amy Fisher

This is why you need to checkout dallasgoldbug's You Tube Channel

U.S. Chamber chief in Denver: Time for a gas-tax hike to fuel jobs

Gecko Saves Gecko From Snake

Ex-Goldman Sachs director freed on $10m bail

Two Cheetahs vs. Wildebeest

Twin Balloon Airship Reaches Space

Friday, October 28, 2011

Senator John McCain of Arizona has indicated support for a proposal to cut military benefits:

Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Top 10 Worst Halloween Candy for Ruining Halloween
Your Guide To The Best Old-School Halloween Candies
[Black licorice can harm heart, warns the FDA]( "Black licorice can harm heart, warns the FDA")

Black Bob White Becomes Denvers New Chief of Police

16-foot python found in Everglades had eaten an adult deer

2004-Indonesian villagers claim to have captured a python that is almost 49 feet long and weighs nearly 990 pounds

Martin Cooper - History of Cell Phone

According to Pelosi, on 60 minutes interview, prosecuting Bush and Cheney for torturing children, killing 650,000 Iraqis, and destroying the United States economy is “off the table

A federal judge has ordered the Bush administration to release information about who visited Vice President Dick Cheney's office and personal residence, an order that could spark a late election season debate over lobbyists' White House access.

More people die each year because they are unable to afford their household fuel bills than are killed in crashes on Britain's roads

Seattle cops administer the full-SWAT treatment to medical marijuana patient with two pot plants.

Schools Warn Of Bracelets Used To Smoke Pot

Arkansas city loses two factories in one day

Hundreds Of Cops Taunt Prosecutors Outside Court At Ticket-Fixing Indictment

Under this plan, 7 million acres of land in the southeast corner of Colorado and New Mexico would be the testing grounds for Drones

Napolitano Knew About Fast and Furious In 2009

Early black metal video - The Witch

"Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" co-writer Paul Leka is dead at 68

live-Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

Two Trillion Bucks - Tennessee Ernie Ford Revisited

Alberto Vázquez - Sixteen Tons (México, 1963)

The Missouri Court of Appeals has issued a ruling upholding the legality of red light cameras in the state.

Colorado Springs city officials decided to pull the plug on cameras designed to catch red light runners at four intersections across Colorado Springs.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy the World - Comparing the Words and Actions of Our Dear Leaders

Flight 93 Pilot Ziad Jarrah's first Cousin was the Top Mossad Spy in Lebanon for 25 years.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Colbert - Teach Your Children Well

Obama weighed clemency for Israeli spy Pollard, but Biden vehemently opposed move

Suspicious package delivered to home of Joe Biden's brother

Chicago may decriminalize marijuana

Pediatrics revised its A.D.H.D. treatment guidelines, giving doctors a green light to prescribe drugs to preschoolers

Michael Winslow - Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin (lol)

7 billion people and you: What's your number?

Occupy Oakland reports Hells Angels Motorcycle Club joins in!

News Agency Seems To Think It Can Copyright The Hells Angels Logo

Raccoon cooking leads to meth maker’s arrest

Face Transplant Recipient Gives Her First Post-Op TV Interview

Exxon's Profits Hit $31 Billion So Far This Year, Yet Big Oil Subsidies Flourish

Five Hauntingly Hip Sides For Your Jazz Halloween

That Miles Davis version of "Thriller" is ,,,,

2 Colorado National Guard Members Arrested On Weapons Charges

MINDBLOWN_The Family EXPOSED! Who is behind it all. A MUST SEE

"Games People Play" - Joe South - 1969

The crimes of NATO against children of Libya

Gaddafi's son: Libya like McDonald's for NATO

The PROTECT IP Act will give the government powers to block Americans' access websites that corporations don't like

Over the last decade Cdr Joseph Hibbeln has been researching the link between violence and the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids.

One of my old posts on reddit before I tired of all the kids that had invaded the place

At the time I was zewar

Al Jolson - Brother can you spare a Dime

Time Magazine Top 100 Songs

Missing $6 Billion In Iraq Resolved

Iran's Largest Banks Swindled Out Of $2.6 Billion

Monday, October 24, 2011

1st Mexican truck to enter US interior within days

Despite the video, the Police Department ruled Farmer's June 7 death justified, just as it had Sierra's other two shootings this year.

Clinton roadless rule upheld by appeals court, creating uncertainty for Colorado rule

First Listen: Tom Waits, 'Bad As Me'

Epic wolf hunt caught on camera

Eleven wolves killed in Montana so far, environmental groups file injunction to block hunts from continuing
Wolf attacks on humans (Ben Cochrum April, 1922 - Bones were found on April 17 among the remains of 11 wolves. Seven had been shot and four clubbed to death. Only when his rifle stock smashed did the trapper cease to fight and succumb to the wolf pack.)
Chernobyl's Radioactive Wolves
from 2004-Giant Canadian Gray Wolves Are Terrifying Idaho Residents

We're adding ten thousand new humans on Earth every hour

Organs grown in genetically modified pigs could be transplanted into humans in as little as two years' time, scientists believe

Stanford Scientists Show Stretchable Skin-Like Sensor

At 90,000 square feet, the Siegels' Versailles is believed to be the largest private home in America.

Guy saves a calf out of a canal while riding his bike.(video)

Uncontacted Amazon tribe shoot arrows at tourists after chance encounter(video)

Google To Deliver The Amazon Jungle In 3-D

‘Torture’ Judge Gets $3.4 Million Legal Defense for Free

Patients in government-run hospitals in Syria are being tortured in an attempt to suppress dissent

Last Nuclear ‘Monster Weapon’ Gets Dismantled

Dangerous Allegations in the Gulf of Mexico

Hyper Inflation hits North Dakota: because of the Oil Industry

A company has agreed to plead guilty and pay a $1,500 fine for killing a bird during drilling operations in western North Dakota.

Vatican Calls For One World Bank

European Union chiefs are drawing up plans for a single “Treasury”

NASA sting terrifies woman, 74

Journalist Lizzy Phelan tells the truth about the media coverage and deliberate deception by the US to make their case for war.

The Real Reason Why Gadaffi Was Killed & Why We're In Libya
The Truth About Libya -- Not Shown On Your TV
NATO Countries Set to Steal $30,000 from Each Libyan Citizen
16 Things Libya Will Never See Again
Libyan rebels sited as AL-QUEDA by UN, USA, and UK! Gaddafi says Al-Qaeda took over Libya

Missouri has reached an agreement to sell $4.4 billion worth of products to China through 2014

Gerald Ford appointed former CIA director George H. W. Bush to be Chief of the US Liaison Office in the People's Republic of China

And US relations with China have been compromised ever since

The Greenwood Village-based Community Banks of Colorado was seized by the federal government on Friday.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Guess Who - American Woman - The Midnight Special

Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas

In Governance and Prison Gangs , David Skarbek explains the structure, conduct and performance of the Mexican Mafia.

Panel poised to expel ‘zero-tolerance’ policies from Colorado schools

First they came for your pensions...

Rock Stars: Then and Now

What Axl Rose Looks Like Now

Murder of Tim McLean

Wendigo psychosis is a culture-bound disorder which involves an intense craving for human flesh and the fear that one will turn into a cannibal.

"Anti-Semitic" Protester at Occupy Wall Street - LA

1) Ben S. Bernanke: Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2020.

2) Donald L. Kohn: Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2016.

3) Randall S. Kroszner: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve.

4) Frederic S. Mishkin: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2014.

5) Alan Greenspan: Advisor to Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Recent Chairman.

Soldier kills deputy, then self in Ga

Hunter Kills Marine; Mistook Him for a Bear
Man gets life sentence in Air Force Airman's slaying

Solar panel prices have plunged by two-thirds since 2008

Making solar affordable still requires large tax breaks and other subsidies from federal and state governments.

John Lennon's tooth up for auction

Barbara Eden - "Spinning Wheel"

21st Century China in Pictures

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Humanoid Robot KHR3HV Rides Bike At 10k/h

Canada's new crime bill will cost you nine months in jail for passing a joint.

Video: Pete Seeger And Arlo Guthrie Perform For Occupy Wall Street UWS March

Flash Flood Coronado AZ

"Subliminal Messages Exposed"

smoke pot

The dinar is the official currency of several countries.

Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'?

There are 62191 armed contractors in Iraq. Will The President be bringing them home as well?

I don't know where he got that number but a couple years ago Rebel Reports published 132,610 in Iraq and 68,197 in Afghanistan and
On January 1, 2012, the State Department will command a hired army of about 5,500 security contractors, all to protect the largest U.S. diplomatic presence anywhere oversea
The US has a colossal embassy in Baghdad whose staff is reportedly slated to double as troops are pulled out. Many of those troops are simply being replaced by contractors. Note we are not voluntarily leaving. Iraq is kicking us out unless we give immunity for US soldiers
Sadr: Presence of 'US Trainers' Extension of US Occupation
Pentagon Seeks Contractor to Move Weapons Through Pakistan/Afghanistan

Clinton jubilant over Gaddafi's death: "We came, we saw, he died"

The cackling hen appears to be making a play on Julius Ceasar’s famous quote of “veni, vidi, vici” which translates from Latin to “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

'Video shows Muammar Gaddafi being sodomized'
We will not take your Tyranny-WE WILL RISE UP!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

World's largest arms exporters

World’s First Mobile Phone (1922)

Gaddafi Dead – Just Like Saddam Hussein

Gaddafi body being taken to secret location: NTC official
US-educated economist leader of Libya's interim government, announced in an interview with Time Magazine that he was quitting
WhoWhatWhy’s Libya Primer: The (Still) Untold Back Story to Qaddafi’s Demise

The History of the House of Rothschild by Andrew Hitchcock

Here's the complete list of Rothschild controlled central banks: (In most instances by transfer of debt.)
The conspiracy of Rothschild bankers against Libya
And once they invade Pakistan , Iran is surrounded-U.S. Set to Invade Pakistan?

BTW-Pakistan has nuclear weapons

50% of All Workers Made Less than $26,000 in 2010


Before NATO and the U.S. started bombing Libya, the United Nations was preparing to bestow an award on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

TSA Checkpoints Now On TN Highways

Mar 6, 2011 – TSA, DHS plan massive rollout of mobile surveillance vans with long-distance X-ray capability, eye movement tracking and more
The U.S. IS a Police State: TSA VIPR Teams could be visiting your home, new war on immigrants
ACLU Tennessee brings suit against ICE officers who broke into house and said, We don't need a warrant, we're ICE, the warrant is coming out of my balls.
TSA Nazi's Now Searching For Silver & Gold!

House Bill Would Criminalize Satire of TSA
Drivers face drug checkpoints on highways near Flint

Hawk With Nail In Head Eludes Rescuers

Update:A red-tailed hawk that rescuers said was shot in the head with a nail gun was recovering Sunday at a Northern California wildlife center.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has disbanded the Office of Homeland Security

The 147 companies that run the world.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drones to Monitor U.S. Citizens

Drones Set to Invade National, State Parks

2.76 mR/hr Fukushima Rainfall in Saint Louis Missouri on 10/17/11

Radiation on my Windshield

A defunct German satellite is expected to plunge to Earth this week, but exactly when and where the satellite will fall remains a mystery.

Henny Penny - The Sky is Falling - Peter Pan records 78

Excessive alcohol consumption costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars a year, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This can only mean higher taxes on alcohol

BP Gets a $4 Billion Gulf Spill Settlement from Anadarko

Military-Industrial Complex Opens Modern “Ghost Town” in NM

Playboy just released 10 years of unpublished correspondence between Hunter S. Thompson and their editors.

'The Rum Diary': Johnny Depp always mindful of Hunter S. Thompson

Herman Cain sings Lennon classic "Imagine There's No Pizza"

Random Acts Of Pizza

Motorola, Clinton and the Red Gestapo

Mountain lion tranquilized on CU-Boulder campus (VIDEO)

Boulder house cat has close encounter with mountain lion
(Video)Rare encounter with a mountain lion near Boulder, CO(2007)
 Mountain lion caught in Missouri(with video)
 One killed an Idaho Springs jogger in 1991
Colorado cougars routinely traverse urban areas, study finds
List of Confirmed Cougar Attacks In the United States and Canada 1991 - 2000


RETANK: Mountain Lion Spotted In Parker
RETANK: Mountain lion charges girls in Wheat Ridge, Colorado
RETANK: Cougar Versus Bear

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hollywood Undead - Been to Hell (featuring Peter North)

Defense secretary Leon Panetta warns of Israeli isolation

Protesters arrested during Panetta's testimony

Idaho school official searches car after smelling tobacco smoke

Elvis Presley - I Got A Woman

Mr. Potato Head Elvis Presley 68 Special

COLLAPSE - Theatrical Movie Trailer

Bo Diddley's son arrested in park named after Bo Diddley, during "Occupy Gainesville, FL"

Bill Clinton's 'Decade of Difference' party at Hollywood Bowl

Gaga Flips A Bird, Drops F Bomb At Clinton Fete
Lady Gaga Sings for President Bill Clinton | Part 2

DNA Sequenced of Woman Who Lived To 115

Despite her old age, W115 showed no signs of dementia or heart disease, and tests at the age of 113 showed she had the mental abilities of a woman aged 60-75 years.

Nissan fuel cell stack with 250% of the energy density versus 2005 version

Kaki King - Magazine @ Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, WI

Leslie Botha has a radio show during drive time on 88.9 FM KRFC in Fort Collins Colorado called Holy Hormones Honey!

Fresh Uganda Oil Find ‘Africa’s Biggest’

Obama has now quietly, without much fanfare, sent 100 US troops to help Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni crush rebels threatening his 25 year dictatorship.


115-Year-Old Electric Car Gets Same 40 Miles To The Charge As Highly Praised Chevy Volt

Federal Reserve Tries to Censor Infowars Video

Hippie Down-In Memory of Bruce Allen Davis July 6, 1955 - June 12, 2011

I use to run with Buck quite a bit in the old days. He played banjo and guitar. Drank a lot of Jack and did a lot of white crosses. RIP old buddy

Rahm Emanuel decides public employees must use public transit

American Cancer Society is refusing a half million dollar donation from atheists

This Is Why I'm Broke

Former ESPN Writer and NFL Analyst In Taney County Jail On Charges Of Promoting Child Pornography:

Foreigners Dump $74 Billion In Treasurys In 6 Consecutive Weeks: Biggest Sequential Outflow In History

California Medical Assn. calls for legalization of marijuana

Beyond Pot Brownies
Authorities executing a search warrant at a suburban Chicago home last week found a marijuana growing operation, processed drugs — and a 5-foot-long alligator.
Coroner: Synthetic Pot Killed College Athlete

"GRAPHIC" The Bystander Effect: No One Cares

Update; girl run over by 2 vans dies

Bloody Body Suspensions Draw Outrage in Missouri Neighborhood

Coast to Coast - 2011.10.15 - When Pirates Ruled

The Corbett Report - Episode 204 – A Brief History of CIA Drug Running

A young Ron Paul talking about CIA and U.S. Government drug trafficking to fund covert operations

NAVUNIDOGOLOA Village in Cakaudrove will be the second village in Fiji to be relocated because of the rising sea level.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A large lake in Colorado is being emptied and given to Kansas and Nebraska because the state owes them four billion gallons of water.

Some old photos that you guys might find interesting.


Elderly Bankruptcy Filings Hit All-Time High.

Idaho elderly threaten politicians if their earned Social Security benefits are cut

The Highwaymen - Highwayman

Willie Nelson, Young, Fat and Suited
The Texas Troubadours -- Willie Nelson, Leon Rhodes

The new, all-electric DeLorean

John Hinkley is about to be released

The Crucifucks - Hinkley Had A Vision

Bishop Robert Finn and the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph have been indicted by a Jackson County, MO grand jury on misdemeanor charges of failure to report child abuse

Cocaine-related emergency-room admissions, overdoses and requests for rehab have declined since the economy started its 2008 decline

Steven Seagal sworn in as a border cop in Texas

The Zombies - She's Not There


Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Lil' Red Riding Hood

Dread Zeppelin - Kashmir / Immigrant Song - Live At Knuckleheads Saloon, Kansas City, MO

Robert Plant Talks about Dread Zeppelin

Ron Paul's Agenda To Include Eliminating Five Government Departments And He Will Take $39,336 Presidential Salary

Paul disclosed 41 separate financial holdings that have a combined value of between $2.29 million and $5.3 million.

ON 31 October, a newborn baby somewhere in the world will become the 7 billionth member of the human race-MAYBE

House Bill Would Criminalize Satire of TSA

Kansas City Chiefs looking to sell Arrowhead naming rights

Old Chiefs Bus

Study: FDA allowed oil-tainted seafood onto market

Gulf Shrimp Are Scarce This Season; Answers, Too

High Radiation in Japanese Fish Raises Concerns
High concentrations of radioactive cesium have been found in plankton from the sea near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
A Tokyo radiation hotspot was not linked to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, Japanese authorities concluded Friday after finding old containers of radium powder likely used for luminous paint.(If you believe it)
Tokyo Contamination Likely Worse Than Reported – Government More Concerned With Making Citizens ‘Feel Safe’ Then Actual ‘Safety’
Stevie Wonder - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing

Ex-warlord emerges as kingmaker after Liberian vote

An evangelical preacher, Johnson says he was a Christian even when he captured Samuel Doe, whose execution and the macabre home video made of it symbolised the savage brutality which marked Liberia’s conflict.

The Obama administration is appealing a judge's ruling that Secret Service records of visitors to the White House complex are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

Obama finally accepts his transparency award... behind closed doors

Denver Weather- Highs Today Will Run 20 Degrees Above Average

1925: The most liberal zoning laws in Denver are put on Colfax Avenue, eventually paving the way for adult-oriented shops decades later.
South Park -
The Police are on their way to arrest Cartman at Casa Bonita, and he decides to make the most of it.

Blitz Wolf: A old WWII propaganda cartoon by Tex Avery

Wolf Blitzer is a Zionist

FDA Approves Dangerous New Antidepressant Drug for Dogs

(The Glasgow Herald - Aug 22, 1960) Space Dogs in Good Condition

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vanderbilt University more than doubled the current world record for the total number of vaccinations given in an eight-hour period.

Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination – Full Version

Story about David Crosby's dismissal from The Byrds

Jackson Browne The Pretender

The John 3:16 guy from NFL in the 80's is serving a life sentence for kidnapping

Amy Goodman on the OWC Movement

Amy Goodman, Left Gatekeeper
Amy Goodman watches WTC-7 Implode, in person!
Appalling Propaganda from Amy Goodman About Libya

The LA Times notices the “double standard” on Iran

Cash Transactions Banned on Used Goods in Louisiana!

NWO Alert-Cash ban starts in Turkey after new rules

The Obama administration is now threatening to prosecute media outlets that publish ads for medical marijuana.

Plumber who drank with Obama arrested for DUI in '06
BTW Billionaire Walmart Heiress Arrested for DWI

24-hours at Occupy Denver with Colorado Rep Wes McKinley

Colorado Rep. Wes McKinley tells the story of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant.

Chickenman was created by Dick Orkin at WCFL Radio (Chicago) in 1966 as a daily serial that satirized the then-popular TV series, "Batman."

This was the popular "Chicken Man" from WHB radio

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office gives lucrative, taxpayer-funded summer jobs only to children of department members,

cough,cough Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, is 31 years old and just landed a $300,000-a-year job on Wall Street
The sister-in-law of John Podesta, President Obama's influential White House transition director, served as the lobbyist for a wind power firm that was just awarded a $135.8 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.

First U.S. State Capital Ever To File for Bankruptcy: Harrisburg, PA

There have been about eight municipal bankruptcies per year in the U.S. for the past four decades
You Know That Your City Has Become A Hellhole When….

Local rock guitarist clinging to life after fight with bandmates

It's raining radiation in Fukushima

Radiation on my Windshield - Joanne Rand
Professor Hirotada Ohashi of Tokyo University, one of the three "Plutonium Brothers" who declared that the toxicity of plutonium was much exaggerated and it was safe even if some villains dumped plutonium in a reservoir for tap water and people drank that water, used to work for TEPCO before he became assistant professor at Tokyo University.
The number of Japanese leaving their country, in one year, has hit a record 1.1 million.

Vice President Joe Biden suggested that more rapes and murders could occur if President Barack Obama's jobs bill is not passed.

Austin Powers Henchman Suspected of Killing His Cellmate

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unemployment here to stay, says Reuters columnist

Steve Jobs used a loophole in the UNOS registration system to get his liver transplant before others.

Residents of a small Arkansas community say that the toxic pollutants being dumped for years by a Koch Industries plant is killing them

Peace Revolution - Episode 041: The Ultimate History Lesson

President Obama has asked Congress to approve three NAFTA-style deals with Panama, Korea and Colombia.

Obama's Jobs Bill Fails to Advance in Senate Despite White House Push

Ralph Nader on the Two Party Dictatorship, Awlaki, Media Censorship

Original Guillotine Blade that Beheaded Marie Antoinette.

Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe, Eugene - Live Performance - 1972

Tom Waits has a new album coming out, Bad As Me

Forced to choose between limiting population or trying to increase food production, we chose the latter and ended up with starvation, warfare, and tyranny


Wyoming jails juveniles at a higher rate than any other state

More than 6 million Americans are set to lose federal unemployment benefits in 2012, with 1.8 million running out in January alone

Creeque Alley - The Mamas and the Papas - 1967

Everybody's getting fat
Except Mama Cass

The Mamas & The Papas - Sing for Your Supper

Poet’s Row is a concentrated, Denver Capitol Hill, historic district of apartment buildings built with elements of Art Deco, Streamline Modern & International Style,

George Smith, a London taxi driver, was the first person to be convicted of drunk driving, on 10 September 1897

"I Listen To The Wind That Obliterates My Traces" is a collection of vintage vernacular photographs related to music paired with a selection of 78rpm recordings

US awards $215 million pacts for flu vaccines made with insect cells, e.coli

Video - Vaccine Ingredients: Chicken, Monkey, Insect, Calf, Cow, Formaldehyde, DNA
The U.S. government has ordered 44.75 million doses of a vaccine from a Maryland company to protect against anthrax.
The nation of Finland has now openly admitted that the swine flu vaccine "conclusively" causes narcolepsy

Monday, October 10, 2011

Stunning images from high in the Himalayas - showing the extent by which many glaciers have shrunk in the past 80 years or so

Believe it or don't. You ignore reality at your own risk. And perhaps the risk of the planet.

Hippy Down - David Piburn, 57, Gladstone, Mo., passed away Dec. 6, 2008.

Marylin Manson on the O'Reilly Factor

Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show

Mountain Biker gets taken out by deer

A key House investigator says he could send subpoenas to the Obama administration(Eric Holder) as soon as this week over Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious weapons were found in Mexico cartel enforcer's home
In October 2011, documents were released that indicated Holder was sent memos in regards to Operation Fast and Furious in 2010, contradicting Holder's sworn testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in which he said he was unaware of Operation Fast and Furious until April 2011.
Flashback--Leaked Memos Reveal Holder’s Involvement In OKC Murder Cover-Up
In his final days with the Clinton administration, Holder was involved with Clinton's last-minute pardon of fugitive and Democratic contributor Marc Rich.
oh yea--Before the November 2010 elections, Holder stated that he planned to prosecute people in California if they possess marijuana even if Californian voters passed a proposition legalizing marijuana
Holder ends press conference after questions on Fast and Furious

Topeka, Kansas, has decided to stop prosecuting domestic violence cases in order to save money.

World Record Giant Pumpkin

Atlanta's New City-Wide Surveillance System

Surveillance Cameras Everywhere!

London has 200,000 cameras

Tiger Woods narrowly escapes hot-dog assault

'Joe the Plumber' Plans to Run for Congress

The top five execution countries are... *drumroll* (1) China (2) Iran (3) North Korea (4) Yemen (5) USA.

Brain linked to robotic hand; success hailed

T- Bones "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's in)- 1966

Inside the Baghdad Embassy is a bar called Baghdaddy’s

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hunting deer at close range in Norway

Meanwhile, in Norway

Curiosity is a new Mars Rover that looks like a UFO when it's all folded up in its space-pod, but looks like a Transformer when it is deployed.

Gulf of Mexico tragedy highlights gaps in overseas worker health and safety coverage

George Clooney is the commander of CIA/Google black ops in Africa.

George Clooney's Satellite Sentinel Project Shows Troops Near Disputed Sudan Border
Clooney ‘disillusioned by the people who are disillusioned by Obama’
At least 24 dead in clashes between Copts and Egyptian security forces
Egypt May Be Forced to Seek $3 Billion IMF Loan It Rejected: Arab Credit
Egyptian army opens fire on protesting Christians

Cow Palace Hosts First Ever Medical Marijuana Job Fair

Burn victims can now be cured by a "skin gun"

What if Ron Paul were elected?

Bob Chapman to the CFR , & Trilateral Commission & Bilderberger Group , we are coming after you

Homemade Qu8k Rocket Soars 121,000 Feet Above Earth [Video]

Armadillo Aerospace Super Mod rocket free flight 2010-09-16

Deputy who is a 29-year-old U.S. Army veteran that served in Iraq kills boy, 16, wounds three others during robbery

2 ex-soldiers plead in homeless man's beating

World's oldest running car sells for more than $4 million

Police are now ticketing drivers who honk in support of Occupy Seattle protestors.

Ozark Hellbender, North Americas Largest Amphibian, Gets Endangered Species Act Protection

News about UFOs in Missouri

Julian Assange Leads Afghanistan Protest in London

Air & Space Museum closed after anti-war demonstrators swarmed the building to protest a drone exhibit

American Spectator Editor Admits to Being Agent Provocateur at DC Museum

Harley Davidson on the NYSE uses the symbol HOG

Giant Open Air Theater in Berlin, 1.-4. October 2009

Where does USAID's Money Go?

Steve Jobs does LSD

Read the Never-Before-Published Letter From LSD-Inventor Albert Hofmann to Apple CEO Steve Jobs
Doug Englebart told me once that if it wasn't for LSD he wouldn't have invented the computer mouse.

A Dead Weezer

Weezer - Beverly Hills

Church Buys Ghost Town

Saturday, October 08, 2011

The elements of Herman Cain's '999 tax plan' : 9 percent flat tax on household income, a 9 percent corporate tax, and a 9 percent national sales tax.

Herman Cain: Tax Poor People’s Food To Finance Massive Tax Break For The Rich

Florida School District Begins Fingerprinting Students

Ground Zero Live with Clyde Lewis - Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, Talk and Armageddon!

How one man had sex on the moon(well, Moon Rocks)

For years, polls have shown that about 90 percent of Americans support the labeling of foods that contain genetically modified organisms

I've Got a Secret - The Cow Incident

The cow incident happened on December 2, 1959 (the date in which the cow milking thing first happened as seen on the cue card was September 12, 1956).

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- A moose stuck in a swimming pool needed no less than nine people to wrangle it out of the water

FRISCO, Colo. -- A 31-year-old New Castle woman died after the car she was in struck a moose on Interstate 70

Obama Administration Set to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns

Tt's only one type of inhaler, that still contains CFCs. All other inhalers will be unaffected by the ban.

UK Pensions have lost a third of value in three years

The world is facing the worst financial crisis since at least the 1930s “if not ever”, the Governor of the Bank of England said last night

Nurses to Join March on Wall Street October 5; Demand Wall Street Transaction Tax

INSIDE JOB Official Trailer
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following video and statement in support of the protestors on Wall Street
Nancy Pelosi: ‘God bless’ Wall Street protesters
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's wealth grows 62% to $35.2M

10,000 Greek strikers and police in running battles as debt-ridden country starts a 24-hour walkout

from 2010 Max Keiser on Inside Story - Greek Debt Crisis and a follow up: When a country goes broke -- Max goes to Greece to find out first hand what GoldmanSachs and the IMF have done to them

via Is America going to collapse?
[Soros: The economic system has already collapsed, we just don't realise it yet]( "Soros")

Department Of Homeland Security Research Grant Aims to New Find Ways to Get the Public to Accept a Police State

Ron Paul has a perfectly logical explanation for why we might have to get used to the idea of an Iran with nuclear power

Electric Bills About To Spike

US Supreme Court to review copyright law

Canadians will soon have modern copyright laws that protect and help create jobs, promote innovation, and attract new investment to Canada,

R. Crumb's Pioneers of Country Music

U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill


UH-OH------ In light of the current budget situation, we have suspended the Request a Social Security Statement service.

U.S. government has ordered 44.75 million doses of a vaccine from a Maryland company to protect against anthrax.

Dennis Kucinich: "The Wars Cost $30 Million Per Hour"

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Smokey Robinson - The Tracks Of My Tears Live (1965)

Octopus smarts caught on video.

And they can change colors

5,000 people a day went to Maroon Lake Friday through Sunday as fall colors at the Bells hit their peak.

Udall: Outdoor recreation economy outpacing U.S. financial growth
Welcome to Colorado, Now Go Back Home

The Monkey Chow Diaries

Video - Monkey Chow Diaries: Day 6

Apple files patent to block iPhone users from filming live events

Steve Jobs Last Appearance
The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh
Apple - Here's to the Crazy Ones (1997)

Denver cops use (infiltrate) social media to rebut news stories

"They hate us because of our technology"-The Navy’s New Robo-Copter Heads to Afghanistan

A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America’s Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots’ every keystroke as they remotely fly missions over Afghanistan and other warzones.

The story of The Beatles and Elvis' secret jam session

Memphis Mafia Remembers Remembers Elvis

Mountain lion tranquilized on University of Colorado's Boulder campus

Pucker Up Baby

Nasa Engineer found Dead in D.C.

When a nuclear plant employee’s remains are found in the plant furnace, some say it was suicide, others murder.

Supreme Court legalizes downloading music

Folk guitar legend Bert Jansch has passed away aged 67

Bert Jansch - Black Waterside
Bert Jansch & Paul Wassif performing Black Cat Bluesat the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, on the 27th August 2010.

Soldier discipline has deteriorated to the point where it risks becoming "cancerous," the U.S. Army's top commander in Europe said Wednesday.

Hertling said that when he arrived in Germany in March to take command of U.S. Army Europe he asked for list of soldiers who had been cited more than once for drunk driving. He declined to reveal the number he was given but said he was surprised at how high it was.
Nearly 20 percent of the more than 2 million troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from mental health conditions, according to a new report

An Old-Timey Flea Circus Video

The Bug Circus Generator

The CO Dept. of Public Safety wants police officers to be able to crosscheck your drivers license with the MMJ patient database during a traffic stop

Monday, October 03, 2011

Pizza delivery guy calls cops on customer who smoked marijuana

DUI Charges Dropped Against Drunk Cop In Fatal Car Crash

Drunk driving is down 30% over the last five years. Bad news! It's probably because we're all too broke to leave the house.
Four million adults drove drunk last year, says a nationwide survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It has to be more than that

Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry is floating the idea of invading Mexico. Too late: the U.S. military is already up to epaulets there.

Video from over the weekend, when a comet struck the sun

Wiki Editor Helps Reveal Pre-9/11 CIA Mistakes

ESPN Yanks Hank Williams Jr.'s Monday Night Football Theme After He Compares Obama to Hitler

Re-education camp will cure him

Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama to Hitler.- Fox & Friends - 10/3/11
Were you born an asshole?

A Missouri man faces up to 30 years in prison for selling fake celebrity memorabilia on eBay.

Meet Missouri’s Scariest-Looking Sex Offender

Michael Campbell, 36, a Colorado native and convicted sex offender

Last Thursday, China launched an experimental space station named Tiangong-1

The 8.5-ton module, about the size of a railroad car, will remain in orbit for two years as Chinese spacecraft perform rendevous and docking maneuvers, and Chinese astronauts visit for weeks at a time--all good practice for a larger outpost in the future.

George Harrison on The Dick Cavett Show (1971)

Millions of bees mysteriously die in Florida