Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Corbett Report - Open Source Intelligence News- Episode 172 – Meet Rahm Emanuel

State Of The Union—Infrastructure And Jobs: Two Problems, One Solution

Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists A Connecticut Yankee In The Court of King Arthur

Georgia field hands - Mary Don't You Weep

Prince warns S. Arabia of apocalypse

US advises Americans to leave Egypt due to unrest

The poorest place in the US

The racial makeup of the CDP was 4.30% White, 94.03% Native American, and 1.67% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.43% of the population.

Jewish Funds For Justice: Hundreds Of Rabbis Call On Murdoch To Sanction Beck

Helen Thomas must be laughing in her grave

College fires professor; views on Israel blamed

How stupid FOX news is - They seriously have Iraq labeled Egypt?

Micro Drones to Fly Surveillance Missions Over The U.S.

The Yardbirds - Dazed And Confused (1968)

Keith Relf, the singer,died by electrocution from an improperly grounded guitar

How the last President of Egypt died.

Egyptian military delegation at Pentagon for annual meeting

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Robert Lipsyte,sports writer and novelist,on the Super Bowl, the all-volunteer army, and what football reveals about our country and it's people.

Bill Murray was arrested carrying 10lbs of marijuana

My browser home page(wink)

AIPAC - How Israel Lobby took control of US foreign policy

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense And Peppermints

Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride

US company provides tear gas to Egyptian police

How many bugs are allowed in your pasta? Reading the FDA's Food Defect Action Levels

Rock Stars and Their Parents

I asked Rob Prince, a CounterPuncher in Denver what the real story is on Bruce Randolph.

Rob sent me back this comment from Phil Woods, a poet andretired teacher:

“My take on Bruce Randolph, and I used to know the principal a little bit because she was an assistant at South when I first got there, is that it fits the Arnie Duncan model. You cherry pick minorities for college track, kick out all the other difficult kids, get the unions to give you a waiver so you work the teachers to death and call it progress. The point is, as with charter schools, this kind of stuff tends to be unsustainable because it causes teacher burn out. As with so much else, educational “reform” has to use market forces, etc. etc. All else is outside the pale.”

U.S. Judge Temporarily Stays Colorado’s Online Sales Tax Law

Illinois gets tough on sales tax for online purchases

Residents of Discovery Bay,California will be the first in the country to be officially denied the right to use cash to pay for public services

Denver area medical-marijuana grower sentenced to five years

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Connecting the dots reveals that Zionists, bankers and Nazis worked hand in hand. It's probably the most taboo tale in the world. It needs to be told.

But pay no attention The holocaust of Native American Indians

Egypt is the second highest recipient of US aid despite their lengthy human rights record, receiving over 1.2 billion dollars every year.

Ani Difranco Self Evident

Coyote Attack

Billionaire ruled unfit to stand trial due to drug addiction

But if you break the law, you will stand trial, slave. Substance abuse or not

A Satellite Tour Of America's Foreclosure Wastelands

I'm Afraid of Americans-David Bowie

The inventor of the .zip format died of a peppermint schnapps overdose

Colorado Unemployment Hits Record High

Only 47% Of Working Age Americans Have Full Time Jobs

Skinhead Ozzy Osbourne cites Adolf Hitler as an inspiration in 1982 interview

Only 47% Of Working Age Americans Have Full Time Jobs

Ted Nugent - Stranglehold

Girl Scout Cookies by Ted Nugent

Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary (live in Stockholm 1967)

Welcome To The NEW WORLD ORDER!!!


Homeland Security Ends Color Coded Threat Warnings

People Begin Living Without Electricity and Water in California

Foreclosure Activity Up Across Most US Metro Areas

63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read, Jesse Ventura(available April 1)

2004 USDA National Fluoride Database of Selected Beverages and Foods

Bad Trip To Edgewood(1993)-Military Drug & Chemical Experiments On Humans-Full Length Video

Between 1955 and 1975, the U.S. Army used 7,000 enlisted soldiers as human guinea pigs for experiments involving a wide array of biological and chemical warfare agents.

These tests were conducted jointly by the U.S. Army Intelligence Board and the Chemical Warfare Laboratories at Edgewood Arsenal's research facility in Maryland. Approximately 3,500 of these soldiers were given doses of powerful mind-altering psycho chemicals, including LSD, PCP, and BZ.

These "volunteer" test subjects were not told which drugs they were given, and were not fully informed of the extreme physical and psychological effects these drugs would have on them.

Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

"The United States of America Has Gone Mad" - Podcast

John le Carre America Gone Mad Essay

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fiddlesticks are traditional instruments used to add percussion to old-time and Cajun fiddle music(video)

Jethro Tull - Teacher

Jan Hammer BBC Rock School Series 2 1987


Employers Are Screening Out The Long-Term Unemployed.

Congressional Research Service: 1.4 Million Have Been Out Of Work For 99 Weeks Or Longer
Searching For Work? Google's Hiring Thousands

Fox and Carrots

For the second year in a row, the U.S. military has lost more troops to suicide than it has to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tom Fun Orchestra - Watchmaker

Police fear 'war on cops'- At least 11 shot in 24 hours; death toll apace with 2010 uptick

Brian Skerry reveals ocean's glory -- and horror


9/11/01: Eyewitness - As The Bombs Were Going....I Sat And Watched A Few Of Them Explode

CNN reported explosions on WTC
Interesting comment video about a major world gathering of Jewish world leaders on September 23, 2001 to voice support for Israel in its battle with the Palestinians.
Mysterious Deaths of 9-11 Witnesses
OK reddit, sell me on your belief that 9/11 was an inside job
[Obama Tells YOU to dismiss 9/11 Questions]( "Obama Tells YOU to dismiss 9/11 Questions")

Jack Ruby Talks About the Coup

Colorados Tough Mudder Race

What your state in worst at(or better at)

GE took $16 billion in loans from the Federal Reserve during 2008 and 2009.

Update: Air Force’s ‘All-Seeing Eye’ Flops Vision Test

Hundreds of Indian students, mostly from Andhra Pradesh, face the prospect of deportation from the US after authorities raided a university

Of 1,555 students it had 95% were from India and half of them were shown registered to be living in a single apartment.

History News Networks poll of 109 historians found that 61 percent of them rank Bush as worst ever among U.S. presidents.

They should all be in trial for war crimes. That is the message that needs to be repeated over and over and over again

51 babies are born every minute in India

Megan Burgess, Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2010, arrested for being drunk

Oh Well

Stress overwhelms clear thinking in brain

Obama Administration Fires Its Only Environmentalist

Shoppers who have lost track of their car at shopping malls simply punch their license plate number into a kiosk touch screen

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tommy Cooper Dies (On live TV)

Kid dies on tv program

Aerial Drones: Coming to a Police Department Near You

An unmanned plane the U.S. government has been using to patrol North Dakota's northern border since 2009 is now flying along a greater section of America's northern frontier

Japan launched a rocket carrying a cargo transfer vehicle to the International Space Station (ISS) on January 22,

Best of the Left Podcasts

Sea Bed Hunting On One Breath

Spinal Cord Injury Scam Exposed

Vermont Is Gearing Up to Strike a Major Blow to Corporate Personhood

Common Cause has asked the Justice Department to look into conflicts of interest involving Justices Scalia and Thomas, the Koch brothers, and their vote to allow the Koch Brothers and other big-money corporate interests to put unlimited money into our elections.
As Citizens United Turns 1, U.S. Supreme Court Considers Corporate Personhood Again

Midori Naka was the first person in the world whose death was officially certified to be a result of "atomic bomb disease" (radiation poisoning).

Did Schumer Shill for Madoff?,suggests that New York Senator Charles Schumer was complicit in the financial swindle perpetrated by Bernie Madoff

previous Jewish banking posts

Nadhim Zahawi, member of the British House of Commons, is sabotaged by his musical tie

Dubai island development sinks back into sea after being scuppered by financial crisis

The world's highest restaurant has opened in Dubai

Washingtons Blog Asks "Are We Accidentally Medicating Ourselves Into a Mind-Numbing, Body-Weakening Stupor?"

Long in depth post with lots of links and info

This robot, is programmed to deliver mail, pour coffee, and recognize its co-workers’ faces. On Sale January 28, 2010

Bills have been introduced in four states -- Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oregon -- to require drug testing for people receiving public assistanc

Hoax 'Bomb' Forces Closure Of Busy Denver Street(with pic)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frog Recipes

Eleven mentally ill musicians

Freddie Mercury - I'm Going Slightly Mad

Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues

Bob Dylan Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil

Car Bombs Come to Mexico

Which evidently happens all the time Hidalgo car bomb explodes, wounding four policemen

A sweeping victory for Big Pharma: regulations set to go into effect across Europe this year will ban hundreds of herbal medicines

Colo. Lawmakers Move To Continue Cloud-Seeding

Mexico to Become First Country to Use Iris Scans on ID Cards

FAA warns of ongoing GPS issues in southeastern US due to Defense Department 'tests'

Super volcano creates 10 inch bulge in Yellowstone: scientists downplaying panic

Yellowstone bison wandering off grazing grounds

Colorado lawmakers have already introduced 212 bills at the state legislature in the first week-and-a-half.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Three suspects are accused of robbing drivers stranded in the snow at gunpoint.

Bandit suspects snared in snow

8 Conspiracy Theories About Health That The Mainstream Media Has Been Forced To Admit Are Actually True

More Icelandic Bankers Arrested

ABC News special presentation showing before and after photos(mouse over the bar in each pic) of the Brisbane floods.

Fertilizer is in short supply in North Korea making human manure shops a hot business

US Department of Defense is the Worst Polluter on the Planet

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is the largest oil consuming government body in the US and in the world
The US spends more on its military than the next 19 biggest spending nations combined

Friday, January 21, 2011

General Motors will invest $540 million to build fuel-efficient engines at its plant in central Mexico.

Keith Olbermanns Moustache


Konis Hupen (horn suit)

Doctor says that parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids should be forced to pay higher insurance premiums

Denver police enlisting taxi drivers to help fight crime It's called T.O.P., or Taxis on Patrol

DHS Police State Propaganda: Hotel Spies

Bill would require Colorado students to exercise

A BP Gulf Oil Spill HERO is railroaded through the Florida Criminal Justice System, then dies after being assaulted in the Florida State Prison System

From Nazi Criminal to Postwar Spy: German Intelligence Hired Klaus Barbie as Agent

List of fictional cats and other felines

Fat Freddy's Cat Statue

Alvino Rey and his Orch. - My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

Mirin Dajo - der unverletzbare Prophet


Spike Jones - Clink! Clink! Another Drink

Dumb Nutzies - Spike Jones and his City Slickers

Spike uses a gun as a"musical instrument". (referenced in this podcast No Agenda Show By Executive Order)

Oakland, California on Tuesday legalized large-scale marijuana cultivation for medical use and will issue up to four permits for "industrial" farms

The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave is a cave in the Ardèche department of southern France that contains the earliest known cave paintings

video The 30,000-Year-Old Cave That Descends Into Hell

United States to help build Bioweapons lab in Kazakistan

Operation Bye Bye Blackbird: USDA acknowledges a hand in one mass bird death with avicide program

This infrared image shows railroad cars carrying 123 tons of nuclear waste.


Ralph Nader & Ron Paul Interviewed Together

Thursday, January 20, 2011

EXPOSED: Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Political Syndicate – Total Corruption

Change we can believe in!

The record from hell (only a small part of it)
Who is Penny Pritzker and Why is She Obama's Campaign Finance Chair?
Rahm Emanuel once sent a dead fish to a live pollster

But why can you no longer find that article on line?
Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign rakes in huge donations from Zionist oligarchs who live far from Chicago

Several notable Jewish American mobsters provided financial support for Israel through donations to Jewish organizations since country's independence

Israeli organized crime According to Israeli police force spokesman Gil Kleiman, although there is a substantial presence of organized criminal gangs in Israel, they have not succeeded in infiltrating the establishment as for example gangsters such as Al Capone who had judges, police chiefs and other authority figures in his pocket.
The Jewish Mafia & Their USA Bankers
Seymour Hersh: Jewish Money Controls Presidential Candidates
Jewish Extremism and Its Media Cover Up
If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing

'Kick a Jew day' may cause suspension of 37 students

Up to 100 US mobsters arrested in biggest Mafia round-up in NY history

Greg Palast - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

US files objection Wednesday to Bolivia's proposal to end the ban on coca leaf-chewing specified by a half-century-old U.N. treaty

Nicolas Cage and His Pyramid Tomb

Nilsson’s cover of John Lennon’s “Isolation;” (unreleased)

Texas fix for $29 Billion budget deficit,gut education,health care and state services.8000 State jobs have been cut, teachers jobs next

States Warned of $2 Trillion Pensions Shortfall
With her state facing an estimated $1 billion budget shortfall, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley handed out huge salary increases
Do You Feel Safer Yet?

China is setting its sights on expanding its air-to-air and air-to-surface weapon inventory, with as many as five new combat aircraft developments

Beijing builds navy to hold US at bay

Even Small Amounts of Oil and Dispersant Are Toxic to Phytoplankton ... the Basis of the Entire Gulf Food Chain

Ron Paul Explains How America Can "ONCE AGAIN Become The Standard For A Free Society"

Kellogg's, Target, Betty Crocker, General Mills use artificial colors to create the illusion of real blueberries in their products

Video: Paul Volcker Questioned About The Bilderberg Group During Harvard Speech

To Cure It We Have To Kill It

New Taser Specially Designed For Use On Wildlife

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saudi government issues ban on blogs without license Only nationals allowed to blog

Obama's Internet ID Plan: Here's What You Need To Know
The Information Operations Roadmap is a document commissioned by the Pentagon in 2003 and declassified in January 2006. The document was personally approved by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld[1], and describes the United States Military's approach to Information warfare, with an emphasis on the Internet.
The Companies Who Support Censoring The Internet
Beijing - The number of websites registered in China fell by 41 per cent last year, the government said Wednesday, in an apparent reflection of restrictions on personal websites and a drive against pornography.

Wyoming latest state to introduce legislation mandating driver compliance

Call to end drunk driving laws in favor of punishing reckless driving, regardless of what causes it

Obama Justifies FEMA Illegal Arrests

Frontline: Are We Safer?

Gregg Allman’s first solo release in 14 years -- Low Country Blues

Gregg Allman ~ Floating Bridge
Skip James - Devil Got My Woman

ASHCROFT ALERT- Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to speak to Fort Collins character group

'Beer Culture' Documentary To Profile Colorado's Craft Breweries

High Country News

In 1966 Jack Bloods father got 30 years for marijuana (he claims on his 1-18-11 show)


Bill would make Coloradans organ donors by default

USDA has decided to funnel 12 million dollars into the popular pizza chain Domino’s Pizza, in what has become known as a secret government bailout.

The magical history tour of Lennon’s Rolls-Royce

John Lennon's Ferrari for sale
Just a few months ago John Lennon's 1972 Chrysler Auction - John Lennon and Yoko Ono purchased this dark green 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon for personal use when they lived at the Dakota on West 72nd Street in New York City.

Useless & Fun Trivia on Movies, Music, TV, Sports, Science & more

Sarah Palin Battle Hymn

Warren Zevon - Mr Bad Example - Live David Letterman Show

Net Worth of the 25 Richest People in Congress and the White House

Blue Devil All-Seeing Blimp Could Be Afghanistan’s Biggest Brain

Last Tasmanian Tiger, Thylacine, 1933

Billy Preston - Nothing from Nothing

Nature's Best Photography of 2010

Lockheed Martin, the giant weapons corporation has become your 21st century big brother

A full accounting of its “shadow government” would fill volumes. After all, it’s the number-one contractor not only for the Pentagon, but also for the Department of Energy. It ranks number two for the Department of State, number three for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and number four for the Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development.

Lockheed Gets Big Bucks to Prep Soldiers for Urban War

Our cash-strapped country is auctioning off its highways, ports and even parking meters, finding eager buyers in the Middle East

America for Sale: An Exclusive Excerpt from Matt Taibbi’s New Book on the Economic Meltdown

Peter B Collins interviews Congresswoman Pat Schroeder (D-CO) on the first hour of this show

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Who perform with David Gilmour June 29,1996:London, Hyde Park

Video of a controversial police beating is casting doubt on certain details of a letter sent by the Denver Police Department to the victim.

Adriatic polluted by tons of toxic waste dumped by NATO. Fish have practically disappeared from the area.

Naked tourist tripping on acid tased three times in the Florida Keys(with mugshot of tripper)

Cougar Versus Bear

FOOD STAMPS PROFITS : how JP Morgan gets rich with increased poverty

prev Saturday, January 23, 2010

Also JP Morgan Chase — admits it has overcharged several thousand military families for their mortgages, including families of troops fighting in Afghanistan.

BP Targets One of the World's Last Unspoilt Wildernesses

The best documentaries of 2010 - By Roger Ebert

Lindsey Buckingham "Big Love" Live Acoustic

(Alex Jones Alert)-The Witch Hunt Begins: Citizen Spy Network Targets Political Speech and Gun Owners

Sunday, January 16, 2011

'MLK photographer was FBI informant'

The sun over Greenland has risen two days early, baffling scientists and sparking fears that Arctic icecaps are melting faster than previously thought

Nothing to see here

Why you should never, ever drink bottled water

Steve Buscemi was a 911 First Responder

He worked 12-hour shifts alongside other firefighters to sift through the rubble from the World Trade Center, all the while refusing to have his picture taken or give interviews."

Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11 is an documentary film that was broadcast on the Sundance Channel.

Chinese President Hu Jintao this week will lay out his vision for U.S.-Chinese relations

New Move to Make Yuan a Global Currency
Meet The New Boss: China Owns The United States
China’s hot economy surges 10.3 percent in 2010
The average American family with two children collectively owes around $12000 to China
Hu Jintao's visit showcases American cluelessness about China

"Half A Trillion In Cuts To Medicare"

Whistleblower’s home raided by armed FDLE agents

The War on WikiLeaks
What happened to Obama’s ‘government transparency’ pledge?

Jeopardy Archives

The album "The Doors" was released 3.5% slower than it was played in the studio.

Microsoft is patenting biological trojans to infect the human body.

One of the Arizona shooting victims was arrested Saturday and then taken for a psychiatric evaluation after authorities said

Fallen Dead Birds Eaten by America’s Homeless

Residents gather, eat dead fish floating in barangay Ibo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

25 Hard Questions That You Will Not See Asked On CNN, MSNBC Or Fox News

The nursery rhyme "London Bridge Is Falling Down" may have been written about burying children alive in the foundation of the bridge.

‘Faggot’ lyric disqualifies Dire Straits hit from Canadian radio play

Write up of how the Whistle Blower Protection Act –which passed both houses of Congress unanimously– was killed.

Fearing tea party violence, four Arizona Republicans resign

GOP leaders quash Republican’s effort to ban guns within 1,000 feet of lawmakers

Obama Appoints Daley former NAFTA Czar as Chief of Staff who was also the senior executive at JP Morgan

Daley is an executive at JPMorgan Chase, the investment bank that ... Chase, where he reportedly made about $5 million per year

The Shepard scale is a sound, that when played continuously, creates the illusion of continually ascending or descending in tone

A Message from Senator Franken

As you know, the proposed merger between Comcast and NBC Universal is an important moment in our effort to stop big corporations from controlling our media.

But the FCC and Department of Justice may be about to approve this deal. This would have serious consequences for Minnesotans and consumers across America.

A history of notable Chrysler firsts.

Old Time Radio Downloads


$2,106 fine for Smoking in Airplane Bathroom

40 Million Low-Wage Workers Who Will See Their Taxes Go Up This Year

Here They Come For Your Money – Dozens Of States Are Raising Taxes In 2011
State's lawmakers pass 66 percent income tax increase

Keith Moon Collapses at the Cow Palace during A Who concert


Same blue dye in M&Ms linked to reducing spine injury

The only side effect was that the treated mice temporarily turned blue.

Interactive 360 degree picture of the Church at 20th and Broadway in Denver that they built the Highrise Around

1999 Broadway, Denver | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out 1969

Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain - 12/23/72


TED NUGENT: Be prepared for evil Rather than trying to fathom it, just be ready to stop it

GM manufactures more vehicles in China than within U.S. borders

Former TSA worker gets 2 years in prison for attempting to put virus in computers no-fly list

Tap water spiked with naturally-occurring lithium has been shown to curb suicide, according to a new study from Japan

Today's dangerous idea is posed by bioethicist Jacob Appel who suggests that the government should supplement our drinking water with lithium, which some studies suggest might lower suicide rates.

Where did all the Haiti relief money go?

Ex-President Bush Wants You To JUST SEND YOUR CASH(to him) To Haiti

Stan Cohen's `Folk Devils and Moral Panics' was a brilliant and subtle exercise in grounded theory

A folk devil is a person or group of people who are portrayed in folklore or the media as outsiders and deviant, and who are blamed for crimes or other sorts of social problems

A moral panic is the intensity of feeling expressed in a population about an issue that appears to threaten the social order.[

Prof. Scott A. Bonn of Drew University talks about his important new book: Mass Deception–Moral Panic and the US War on Iraq which makes a statistical case and a rational case that BushCo statements led the American public to support the invasion and occupation of Iraq.(podcast)

Nanny Sports - Impact Sensors Slated for NFL Helmets Next Season

Jimmie Rodgers - T for Texas (1936)

Strawberry Pesticide Approved: Fruit Lovers, Beware

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gene Sperling Added to Obama Staff as National Economic Council Director

Sperling was a principal negotiator with then-Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers of the Financial Modernization Act of 1999, also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley repealed large portions of the depression-era Glass-Stegall Act allowing banks, securities firms and insurance companies to merge.

Evidence of an American Plutocracy: The Larry Summers Story
Should Economists Reveal Who Pays Them?

Fifth Circuit Permits Warrantless Government Searches Based on Previous Private Search Not Known To Police(WTF)

Pentagon in $9.1bn Fraud Case in Iraq

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack has been caught on camera in a lurid scandal where another woman is apparently licking her breast.

Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident on January 5, 1998.
His wife Mary won the Republican nomination for the special election to succeed him.
She then won in the special election April 7, 1998.
She won a full term in November and has been re-elected since. As of 2007,

Pictures of Dubai at Night

Pat Robertson's Predictions for 2011

Body of Wife of Senior White House Official Found in Burning Car

Rosa DeLauro owned the house in which Rahm Emanuel lived rent-free(illegally) during House sessions for five years.

Ashley Turton, as DeLauro's chief of staff, probably wrote the checks to pay bills on that condo and would be privy to "extra" expenses.

“One issue is whether Emanuel, who served in the House with DeLauro until early January (2009), should have listed the room either as a gift or as income on his congressional financial disclosure forms,” Washington-based correspondent Andrew Zajac wrote in the Chicago Tribune on Feb. 24, 2009.

Top Ten Legal Drugs Linked to Violence

Pentagon Child Porn Scandal:

A major federal investigation has found that dozens of military officials and defense contractors, including some with top-level security clearances, allegedly bought and downloaded child pornography on private or government computers.

nothing to see here

Rock songs in the charts fall to lowest level in 50 years, with only three tracks appearing in the top 100 best-sellers

Money Printing and the War Machine: Scott Horton Explains the Scam

"An American Hippie in Israel" has midnight screenings at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, drawing crowds that shout along with the dialogue.

The National Weather Service in North Little Rock examined a speck on the radar that showed up around the same time all the birds fell out of the sky

Coup d’état - The Historical Framework of Globalization

Silently, and carefully hidden from public scrutiny, a coup d’état occurred in 1913 in the United States of America.
The results of this bloodless coup are being felt today on a truly global scale. With careful, detailed planning, representatives of the most powerful financial institutions in both Europe and the United States succeeded through the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act (also known as the Glass-Owen bill) in radically and permanently altering the foundations of the nation as a whole.

7 Billion People - National Geographic Magazine

Haves versus Havenots

Luxury outlets saw an 8.1pc rise from a year ago, but discount stores catering to America’s poorer half rose just 1.2pc.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Possible seven year prison sentence for videotaping a police officer.

These are Budget Tables from the govt. and cover their budget projections until 2020(pdf)

Interesting information which isn´t covered. For example they aim to increase receipts AKA taxes by 45% by 2015 and almost 100% by 2020.
Total lalaland stuff as usual from this bankrupt mess.

The DeZurik Sisters - Hillbilly Bill

Special exemptions to be written into Freedom of Information Act

The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William.
One of the happiest moments a FOIA requester has is when he (or she) wins a FOIA appeal and gets to see what exactly the government was trying to hide.

Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline Remains Shut Down

Analysts said the shutdown of the 800-mile pipeline network could trigger a jump in oil prices unless the flow of oil resumes quickly,

It's OK we still got this-Russia-China oil pipeline opens

OH wait a minute--China And Russia Resort To Trading In Yuan And Rubles-Not USA Dollars

Police raid house after confusing the smell of a skunk that lives beneath the front of his home with the scent of marijuana

Star Hustling - Jupiter, the Moon, and Uranus to align Sunday night.

An Atlanta-area man is facing fines of up to $5000 for growing too many vegetables on his land

Food safety bill invokes Codex harmonization and grants FDA authority to police food safety of foreign nations

Play the Internet Claw Machine and Get Prizes Mailed to You

Thursday, January 06, 2011

HELEN THOMAS - Listen Up, Mr. President - Everything You Always Wanted Your President To Know and Do

Veteran Journalist Thomas Resumes Column in News-Press
The New Raid on Social Security - Heartless - By HELEN THOMAS

Defense secretary announces billions in budget cuts

In addition, Gates said the Army, Navy and Air Force had found $100 billion of savings that they would retain, allowing them to continue developing major weapons and modernizing their forces over the next five years.

They cut 78 billion but "found" 100 billion to carry on their agenda


Gates said the budget for fiscal 2012 will be $553 billion.

The Obama administration has decided to allow 13 companies to resume deepwater drilling without additional environmental scrutiny.

Houston Ship Channel Closed After Animal Fat Spill

An investigation of spending by televangelists wrapped up after three years Thursday with no penalties for the pastors who refused to cooperate

Ha Ha, sounds like The Federal Reserve Won't Tell Congress Were Two Trillion In Taxpayer Money Went

or how about Rove avoids subpoena by fleeing the country.

Or the Morgan Stanley money manager that got out of a hit and run in Vail because he might lose his job

and don't even mention Oliver North or Scooter Libby

But they can get you, slave, for petty crimes and you do the time.

Alberta Hunter - Two-fisted Double-Jointed Rough & Ready Man

lucille bogan - shave 'em dry (1935)

This video is about the Ford Motor Company production plant at Willow Run for B-24's before and during World War II.

B-24 Liberator Bomber Flight

The Ministry of Communications recently announced that China now has 65,000km of highways across the nation, making it the second largest in the world

According to the strategic plan for highway development in 2005,by 2020, China will establish a national highway network, totaling 100,000 kilometers, about the length in the United States today.
Chinese officials say they will limit the number of new license plates issued in 2011 to 240,000 to help control traffic congestion.

China military eyes preemptive nuclear attack in event of crisis

Protecting rich old duffers at country clubs from bioterror

One of the press release recommendation:

Move ice-makers to more secure locations where they can be monitored. “So many times these machines are kept out of the way, but ice is a heavily used product,” Olds said.

1860 Map of the U.S. Slave Population

A magnitude-3.8 earthquake that shook north-central Indiana on December 30th is being called “unprecedented”

John P Wheeler III: Former Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force, Member of Council on Foreign Relations,Found Dumped in Landfill

Murdered Bush Aide Was An Expert In Chemical & Biological Warfare & Had Highest Security Clearances!
At 6:42 p.m., he stumbled into the Hypark parking garage next to the New Castle County Courthouse holding one shoe in his hand and looking for his car.
He told several people he had been robbed of his briefcase including parking attendant Iman Goldsborough.
Goldsborough told Action News that Wheeler seemed dazed and cold. He had no overcoat on and had one of his shoes in his hand and the other on his foot.
He kind of looked disoriented she said.

Wheeler, as special assistant to Wynne, would have known about the dual nuclear chain-of-command established by Vice President Dick Cheney, bypassing the Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, that resulted in a spate of nuclear surety and security incidents during 2007 and 2008.
possible disinfo--To the direct reason for Wheeler’s murder, this report says, was this past week’s transport of Iraqi Phosgene poisonous gas aboard a US Air Force KC-767 tanker aircraft from Little Rock Air Force Base en route to Afghanistan that shortly after takeoff had a ‘critical malfunction’ of its aerial spraying computer directed command and control system over central Arkansas causing the deaths of thousands of red-wing blackbirds.
These aerial spraying planes, this report continues, are based at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas that over the past few months have been involved with ‘test dispersants’ of poisonous gasses in the Afghanistan War Theater using chemical weapons stocks obtained from Iraq and held at the Pine Bluff Arsenal, also located in Arkansas. Important to note about the Pine Bluff Arsenal, which calls itself “America’s Arsenal”, is that it is one of the World’s most specialized munitions and chemical-biological defense products and services bases which Russia had previously accused of not fully reporting the chemical agents removed from Iraq, between 2003 and 2008, and taken to the US for testing and subsequent destruction. According to this report, the US relocated from Iraq to the Pine Bluff Arsenal an estimated 63,000 metric tonnes of the poisonous gas Phosgene that is described as one of the most feared chemical weapons ever used due to its ability to literally cause the lungs and respiratory system to explode.
Nearly immediately after Russia accused the US this past summer of not fully destroying Iraq’s Phosgene poisonous gas stockpile the Pine Bluff Arsenal began an ‘accelerated’ disposal programme injecting it deep into the ground in central Arkansas, but which, unfortunately, since this past September, has caused over 500 minor earthquakes to occur raising the concerns of their local population.
More frightening, however, is the claim made in this report that the Americans have also begun shipping ‘massive quantities’ of Iraq’s Phosgene poisonous gas stocks to Afghanistan where when used they will be able to say they had nothing to do with it, and believe no one will be able to prove it either.

And what did he have in a hidden compartment under his kitchen floor?

The FDA has just notified small pharmacies that they will no longer be allowed to manufacture or distribute injectable vitamin C

Sunday, January 02, 2011

John Young: Internet-A Large Scale Spying Machine

Nick Gillespie: "Enjoy Your Rights While You Still Can"

Reason's Nick Gillespie gave the keynote speech at the Independence Institute's 8th Annual "Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms Party" in Colorado. He was asked to speak on the theme of "enjoying your freedoms while you still can."

Remember these AT&T commercials from 18 years ago?.....Now, look at our technology

Top White House economic advisor warned Sunday that a congressional failure to rise the nation's debt limit early this year would be "catastrophic."

The current debt limit is $14.3 trillion, which Washington is expected to hit in February.

Earlier this morning, at about 10am, President Obama signed the September 11th worker’s health bill into law at a private ceremony at his vacation

Fooling those who obey authority

Online impersonation banned starting in New Year

Ron Paul: Stop the Police State, Repeal the PATRIOT Act!

TSA photocopies a mans credit cards and other personal documents

During a three week period of conflict in 2003 in Iraq, 1,000 to 2,000 tonnes of DU munitions were used

The curse of Fallujah: Women warned not to have babies because of rise in birth defects since U.S. assault

The Air Force's new airborne surveillance system called Gorgon Stare and will transmit live video images of physical movement across an entire town.

Air Force names new drone after Greek she-monster Gorgon: what could go wrong? - Boing Boing
Houston Police Use Drones to Spy on Public

Into The Tunnels: Exploring The Underside Of NYC

WELCOME TO UNDERCITY.ORG. From the tops of bridges to the depths of sewer tunnels, these explorations of the urban environment help me puzzle together the interconnected, multi-dimensional history and complexity of the great metropolises of the world.

TOWARDS the end of 2011 a large and hugely expensive robotic rover called Curiosity is due to blast off for Mars from Cape Canaveral.

QUEEN - Killer Queen (1974)

Freddie Mercury was a Parsi(Iranian) grew up in India which explains Queens Bollywood influences

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Dirty Ditties


Hottest Year In History Ends With Freak Climate Disasters

3 dead after tornado hits tiny NW Arkansas town on New Year's Eve

Update: Death Toll at 7

20+ Free Printable Calendars & Planners For 2011

Joblessness and the accompanying loss of health benefits drove an additional 3.7 million people into the Medicaid program last year

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill late Thursday that reduces possession of an ounce or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction.

Vote for the police misconduct video of the year.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's old 1977 Peugeot 504 is up for auction, and the proceeds will go to the construction of homes for the disabled in Tehran.

Ring of Power-- THE EMPIRE OF "THE CITY" (World Superstate)

A must watch-The history of man

Colorado may close state parks, lease for drilling

Motivational Poster

William Shatner performs "It Was a Very Good Year" - 1969

Electronic RFID Pickpocketing(video)

Hollywood and the war machine

Auld Lang Syne From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia