Monday, August 04, 2008

Baghdad, 5 years on (part 1): City of walls

Military Statistics > Expenditures > Dollar figure (most recent) by country

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels

A Milwaukee man is facing foreclosure on his $245,000 home because he wouldn’t pay a $50 parking ticket in 2004.

Come Together - Sungha Jung

The Petro-Dollar War

Indian Ocean tuna catch drops, experts differ on why

2008 Lollapalooza Music Festival Downloads

8ft eagle that chases tennis balls in the ultimate game of fetch

Missouri has gotten almost 30-million dollars to improve its homeland security programs and for IEDs

"Worst coverup in the history of the military", SECRET SHOTS

Cash-strapped U.S. cities and states begin selling roads, bridges and airports to the lowest bidder.

Rocket blows up with the ashes of over 200 people were also on board, including a pair of rather well known astronauts