Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cliff Hanging

Country Joe flashes back to Summer of Love

Top 25 Censored Stories For 2008(so far)

Modular robot reassembles when kicked apart


Robotic Self Healing Chair is an internet video portal for indigenous filmmakers

On board the biggest cruise liner


In the UK, Anti Terror Powers Used To Crack Down On Dog Poop

The story of some people in Parker North, Colo., who didn’t want to be annexed to the larger town of Parker

And now, A Message from Ted Nugent

Denver Crack Dancers Get Down

How the Media Abandoned the Environment

Consequences of Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Power Plants

Iran's Secret Plan if Attacked by US Codenamed "Judgement Day"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

FBI to break ground on new Denver building

Porsche Built EVs In 1899, Hybrids In 1901

A coalition of large green groups has pledged to support Mark Udall, Tom Udall, and Jeanne Shaheen in their campaigns to become senators in 2008

George W Bush endorses Hillary Clinton

Social Security cards use to have "not to be used for identification"

Guns for Oil

Rush Limbaugh Calling For Riots In Denver

Route 66 - an encounter the mediocre music makers

The Denver Zoo is being criticized from all sides for scheduling the rock band Starship for a fund-raising event at the Zoo in June.

Nuclear Explosions Since 1945

Big Brother nightmare of George Orwell's 1984 has become a reality - in the shadow of the author's former London home.

Four Hands Guitar

Three-quarters of Denver's 1,550 police officers collected a paycheck from someone other than the city for police work in 2007.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Original Anti-Piracy Video

Government tells brewer he can't call his beer "Weed".

According to section 802 of the Patriot Act, minor criminal offenses can be interpreted as terrorism by government officials

But,, here is a video of a NYPD cop telling a citizen "Videoing me breaking the law is a terrorist act"

Police May Search Even If Arrest Is Invalid

Rock Port, Missouri, is a small city of 1,300 people, and they just made history by being the first city in the US to be 100% powered by the wind

Live Grenade Removed From Soldiers Leg.

Now the United States will need enforce sanctions against any country that decides to stop using US dollars for oil.

Dov Zakheim, former Bush appointee as Pentagon Comptroller from May 4, 2001 to March 10, 2004.

Raid on Texas Religious Community Part of New World Order Psyops?

Disaster Survival: How to Catch and Eat a Rat

John Sebastian played harmonica with The Doors on the song Roadhouse Blues under the pseudonym G. Puglese to avoid problems with his contract

He is also credited with playing harmonica on Crosby Stills Nash & Young's "Déjà Vu" from the album of the same name.

Aid Group Says It Will Have To Cut Food To 1.5 Million People

New Prosthetic Hand So Nimble an Amputee Can Type

McCain receiving Disability Pay

Honda develops walking assist device to aid elderly/disabled