Thursday, October 23, 2014

The State is God

Alex Jones - The State is Not God

LADY LAKE, Fla. —A Lady Lake man says he was forced to kill a 400-pound bear that broke into his sun room two nights in a row.

Kansas City lingerie shopowners in a twist after Homeland Security's panty raid

Tim Hauser, founder of the jazz vocal group The Manhattan Transfer, has died at the age of 72.

The Manhattan Transfer TV Show - Videos from 1975 CBS series.
Manhattan Transfer - Birdland

Blake Mills - Wintersong

A Complete Directory Of The Classic PC Games You Must Play

Small-scale, low-carbon generation now produces one-quarter of world electricity

Alabama man gets $1,000 in police settlement, his lawyers get $459,000

Video shows bikers taunting California officer

Major chemical maker in Marshall County has been fighting a proposal for hydraulic fracturing near its plant, citing a “near-catastrophic” gas-well incident last year that might be linked to geologic conditions beneath the Ohio river.

Must see CCTV: Bag thief battered by bus driver

Paraglider flies so close to cable car that he can high five passengers

1 in 3 Americans are on file in the FBI's criminal database

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin Loses Round One to Spirit’s Taurus in Plagiarism Case

Researchers at Harvard Medical School, MIT, and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have discovered a new synthetic process to construct 3D metal nanoparticles using DNA as a mold

Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong


Sonic Assault is a unique high-pressure acoustic generating device which provides a substantial capability to disrupt and disperse. Speeches, demonstrations, crowd dynamics, etc.

Deployed near a podium, you might just have a case of an increasingly un-focused speaker with diminished sharpness and concentration.

Evergreen loves the elk, but wildlife managers want animals to move on

Apple Pay experiment: Paying with my iPhone was fast, simple on Day 1

Iraqi regime soldier's mobile phone shows soldiers hitting and abusing an apparently randomly selected civilian citizen who they have arrested

Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

GlaxoSmithKline fined $3bn after bribing doctors to increase drugs sales

Monday, October 20, 2014

Two Oklahoma Air National Guard F-16 fighter jets flying a training exercise out of Tulsa collided in midair over southern Kansas, causing one of the pilots to eject from the aircraft.

"Anti-Petrodollar" CEO Of French Energy Giant Total Dies In Freak Plane Crash In Moscow

American cities, ranked by conservatism

I Don't Wanna Grow Up - Tom Waits

10 True Stories of Survival Cannibalism

The puss caterpillar got its name because it resembles a cuddly house cat

Missouri hunters took 251,924 whitetail deer during last hunting season, the lowest total in a decade.

Boulder man rescued after falling about 50 feet in Eldorado Canyon State Park Sunday afternoon

Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, served on Lockheed's board of directors from 1994 until January 2001, accumulating more than $500,000 in deferred director's fees in the process.

Shinyribs performs "Poor People's Store"

Human intestine grown in mouse for first time as scientists say there is hope to create 'spare parts' for people

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sperm Whales Sleeping

This is the Pieter Schelte, which is now the largest ship sailing the seas

Insane Clown Posse 15th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos 2014 Full Performance

1947 Vocational Guidance Films

Boney Fingers - Hoyt Axton

The Kinks - Skin And Bone

Eddie Bravo Radio - Episode 72 - Ryan Dawson (10/12/2014)

A Must Watch

Whites used to pay to throw balls at blacks at the circus. They were called "African Dodgers."

Following "A Day in the Life" on the Sgt. Pepper album is a high-frequency 15-kilohertz tone and some randomly spliced Beatles studio chatter. The frequency is best understood as what we know as a dog whistle as the frequency is picked up by a dog's ear .

Police Gone Wild: Domestic Terrorist Edition [2014 Full Documentary]

Federal schools for American Indians marked by decay, poverty

Huge Demethanizer Transport Makes Its Way Through Oklahoma to Colorado

Russell Brand’s Anti-Voting Revolution Makes Sex Pistols' 'Johnny Rotten' Want to Puke

More Than a Third of Oakland's Fast Food Workers Can't Afford Food

Living on minimum wage

Legal ganja in Jamaica: After 100 years of prohibition, they’re legalizing pot

"Brain Dead" Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (Colo.) gave such a painful interview to ABC 7 News in Denver on Friday that he asked for a do over.

The song he refers to is Shawn Colvin - Shotgun Down The Avalanche
Jed Udall, son of Sen. Mark Udall, arrested on heroin, vehicular-trespassing charges

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - A Wheat Ridge company has a $250,000 grant from the state of Colorado to create the first breathalyzer to detect marijuana

A US company has developed a way to monitor entire neighbourhoods, using a technology originally developed for the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Coming Stock Market Crash and The Death of Money with Jim Rickards

Friday, October 17, 2014

Food prices have climbed by an average of 24 percent across the three countries worst hit by the Ebola outbreak, forcing some families to reduce their intake to one meal a day,

Russian Scientist Dies in Ebola Accident at Former Weapons Lab  - 2004

Why You Should Never Eat High Fructose Corn Syrup

Death Of Christopher Lopez, Colorado Inmate, Not Reported For Over A Year

Warning: GRAPHIC VIDEO - ▶ Christopher Lopez - Mentally ill inmate dies while in prison - YouTube

How Ebola Aerosolized in Pigs Could Kill Millions

How Billionaire Oligarchs Are Becoming Their Own Political Parties

Alex Jone$ and Bill Cooper from 1998 (Rare audio)

Petitioning Gov. Jeremiah Nixon Clemency to Jeff Mizanskey: Life without parole for marijuana

Teen Who Potentially Faced Life For Pot Brownies Agrees To Plea Deal

Colorado ghost towns: Five 1800s towns on 1 road

Ghost town hikes in Breckenridge: Preston ghost town, Jessie Mill, Extension Mill, Jumbo Mine, more
St Elmo is one of the most preserved ghost towns in Colorado with numerous business structures and cabins.

Funds for the reconstruction of war-devastated Gaza has boasted $5.4 billion in pledges from various Western and Arab governments. Yet Israel is the true beneficiary of this aid money

US Government Sanitizes Vietnam War History

Goliath bird eater tarantula attacking a mouse

Photos of Elvis Presley Joins the Army in 1958

Pork Industry Defends Use Of Antibiotics In Livestock After PBS 'Frontline' Report

One of those steps is to use "Paid Search Engine Optimization (SEO)," according to the email. SEO is a widely employed marketing tactic that aims to get a website to show up higher in a search engine's results for particular search terms.
The Jungle is a 1906 novel written by the American journalist and novelist Upton Sinclair

Many readers were most concerned with his exposure of health violations and unsanitary practices in the American meatpacking industry during the early 20th century, based on an investigation he did for a socialist newspaper.

Rare Shark Feeding Frenzy in North Carolina

Court Rules Parents May Be Liable For What Their Kids Post On Facebook

Over 48 million Americans live in poverty, according to a special report by the Census Bureau Thursday

US police get antiterror training in Israel on privately funded trips

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

Media Deception: You Are Not Getting The Truth

Scientists Dissected the Brains of 79 NFL Players. What They Found Is Disturbing.

Senate’s inquiry into CIA torture sidesteps blaming Bush

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tennessee to vote on banning income tax in perpetuity

Tennessee Courts Crack Down On Cops Taking Blood From Drivers

Operation Inherent Resolve: US names fight against ISIS as General Dempsey 'won't rule out' limited ground role saying 'war is discovery'

“Pardon Us For Our Country’s Existence in the Middle of Your Military Bases” – Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Speech at the UN

Wildcat jumps at least 10ft and snatches a bird out of the air

Ukraine energy firm hiring Biden’s son raises ethical concerns

The Navy Reserve discharged Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter this year after he tested positive for cocaine, U.S. officials confirmed.

Puddles Pity Party Performs a Moving Rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ Live in San Francisco

Puddles Pity Party - "Royals"

Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath - full album (2014)

Funding shortfalls have forced the World Food Programme to cut food rations for one million people in Afghanistan, according to the UN food -assistance agency.

Restaurant creates $2,000 ‘Absolutely Ridiculous Burger’ weighing 338lb

Curious Alice Is 1971's Tripped-Out Version of Lewis Carroll's Classic

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit, Live from Woodstock 1969

Saudi Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr 'sentenced to death'

When Sheikh Nimr, who holds the rank of ayatollah, went on trial in March 2013 prosecutors called for his execution by "crucifixion", a punishment which in Saudi Arabia involves beheading followed by public display of the decapitated body.

U2 Sorry For Foisting Its New Album On Millions Of iPhone Users Without Asking

Bono's ONE foundation under fire for giving little over 1% of funds to charity 
 Bono exposed as a complete fraud

FedEx Delivery Mistake Leads To Huge Drug Bust

FedEx Ground Says Its Drivers Aren't Employees.

Yes - Relayer [Full Album]

Projection mapping light show 'Browns Canyon Live' outside McNichols Civic Center in Denver Friday

String Cheese Incident NYE 2013 countdown

DENVER - Two Frontier Airlines planes that carried the latest U.S. patient diagnosed with Ebola are now at the Denver International Airport for extensive cleaning

Why Oregon Sheriffs Really Want To Keep Marijuana Illegal

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Honolulu city officials vote to transfer homeless to former WWII internment camp

Our planet just experienced the warmest six-month stretch ever recorded.

Weak tornadoes hit southwest Missouri - Oct 13, 2014 
Satellite sees hot spot of methane over Four Corners

A doctor who made headlines back in 2010 during the swine flu scare when she told MSNBC viewers, “just get your damn vaccine” didn’t show such concerns for public health when she was caught violating an Ebola quarantine in order to pick up her favorite soup

New study says most can't afford used cars

DUBUQUE, IA -- The Libertarian candidate for Iowa's U.S. Senate seat has died in a plane crash.

Tricks, treats and THC fears in Colorado

Jurors have awarded $4.65 million to the family of a homeless street preacher who died in the Denver's downtown jail

Marvin Booker Homicide.wmv

An American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Dallas had to make an emergency landing at SFO after panels inside the plane's cabin began to come apart in mid-air(video)

An employee with the U.S. Department of Agriculture is believed to have been using his work vehicle and his job as a cover to pick up drugs at the Texas Border

Monday, October 13, 2014

Radioactive material bought on eBay found at Boise apt

Parents to spy on new Aurora pot stores, report shoppers to council

The U.S. Air Force sold over a dozen Afghan military transport planes -- which cost millions of U.S. tax dollars -- for $32,000 in scrap metal,

Mountain lion climbs on car in California neighborhood(video)

University of Kansas Hospital isolates patient, runs Ebola tests

Ebola Patient Needs $500,000 to Cover Medical Bills

MONTE VISTA, Colo. - Two Mexican Nationals arrested after more than $500,000 worth of methamphetamine was seized in downtown Monte Vista.

The Daily Mail revealed, one day after her appointment, that new BBC chief, Rona Fairhead, is being sued for supervising the laundering of billions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartels

▶ What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Monday October 13 2014: - YouTube

Mother Upset When School Has Five Year Old Child Sign 'Safety Contract'

Colorado family stunned: Cop breaks in, fatally shoots man in back, and ‘no one knows why’

Millions of voiceprints quietly being harvested into corporate, government databases

Airplane pilot extinguishes truck fire with one water drop

INCREDIBLE footage has emerged of a huge squid taking on a Greenpeace submarine.

The #1 Song the Beatles Turned Down

Beatles Battle of the Bands

Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth (Before It Is Recycled) - Heavens Gate Database

Al Roker Mind Control Trance "Live" Trigger Word = Holy Ghost

Friday, October 10, 2014

Caught On Tape: Colorado Attorney General Candidate Vows To Seize National Forests From Feds

MISSOURI Orders Activation of Emergency Operations in St. Louis County THURSDAY

6,000 Venomous Brown Recluse Spiders Infest Missouri Couple's Home

The newest, youngest generation, from 2004 on is called the "Homeland Generation"

Future of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ being weighed

The Cryptkeeper - The Crypt Jam

Castles Made of Sand-Jimi Hendrix Supermarket for torture devices?

Ecuador is freeing thousands of convicted drug mules

Zager & Evans ~ In The Year 2525 ~ 1969

Zager EZ-Play Guitars

Sidewinder rattlesnake climbing loose sand

"We're Screwed" Major Garrett open mic briefing U.S.response to Ebola Outbreak Oct 3 2014

Long-empty jail taking in American Indian inmates

What Do We Do With All These Empty Prisons?

Critics to Obama: 'Draconian Cuts' Have Been to US Public Services, Not War Budget

Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a faster, more efficient version of the Model S electric car.

Boulder police: Husband of topless gardener assaulted RTD guard after wife was topless at bus station

Boulder City Council determined it would not make it a crime to be topless outdoors.

Man Found Wandering Naked in Woods Four Days After Music Festival

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ringo Starr World Peace Day Update

LaGuardia workers on strike due to Ebola concerns

The Fight Against Ebola (Full Length Video)

The other side of the US backed Iraqi army the media won't show you

Joe Biden Admits Saudi Arabia & Qatar Funding Al-Qaeda In Syria

Biden Speech Loaded w. Lies About Ukraine

“By the end of the year, there’s supposed to be 1.4 million people infected with Ebola and 62 percent of them dying, according to the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention],” Marine Corps Gen. John F. Kelly said.

reddit : ebola

“Anti-war” journalist Gareth Porter derails discussion at Tehran truth conference, unwittingly exposes gatekeeper agenda by Trevor LaBonte

Thieves Oil was created based on research about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims.

New at the pot shop: Milder marijuana for novices

Stephen Hawking Contributes Vocals To New Pink Floyd Track

A major wind event known as a "microburst" leveled thousands of trees in Easthampton, Massachusetts this morning(video).

“Did your fruit fund terrorists?” New Report Asks Why Chiquita Blocked 9/11 Victims Bill

Dan Carlin Live - YouTube

St. Louis Police Officer Shoots, Kills Teen During “Pedestrian Check”

He had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun.
NYPD Officer Knocks Out Teen for Smoking Cigarette
SWAT Team Raids House And Kills Homeowner Because Criminal Who Burglarized The House Told Them To  
Cops on camera: These powerful video clips show why recording the police is so important

Lou Reed - Magic & Loss Live Full Concert 1992

US Relaxing Standards for Killing Civilians in Iraq and Syria

Even an Ozarks coroner gets surplus military guns

Can China and Russia Squeeze Washington Out of Eurasia? The Future of a Beijing-Moscow-Berlin Alliance

The Best of Pepe Escobar

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The 7 Scariest Ghost Towns in America

Rosewater is a 2014 American drama film written and directed by Jon Stewart. Due to the content of the film, Stewart has been accused by Iran's State TV of being funded by Zionists and working with the CIA.

Mike Whitney: ISIS created at America’s “Terrorist Academy” in Iraq — on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

VIDEO: Mountain lion stands on Calif. homeowner's car


Bee swarm kills Ariz. man; 800,000 in nest

Douglas County authorities free black bear from car in Castle Pines

5 bears euthanized in Aspen area in past 2 weeks 
 Baby Bears Rescued from Hollow Tree

Florida has gone 3,270 days without a hurricane – nearly nine years and, by far, the longest stretch on record

Radioactive ship adrift in North Sea forces oil platform evacuation

MMA fighter Cody Gibson told a man to Google his name before being punched in the face and knocked to the ground at a Las Vegas bar(video).

ASPEN, Colorado —A hiker from Missouri is recovering after a rare nighttime rescue from the mountains near Aspen.

Muslim mother turned away from public pool because of clothing

Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need - Paperback – by Liam Scheff

▶ Official Stories with Liam Scheff "Science Says" - YouTube

Sunday, October 05, 2014

US Navy has been testing a large-scale swarm of autonomous boats designed to overwhelm enemies.

Paul Revere, Leader of the Raiders Rock Band, Dies at 76

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Indian Reservation

NYPD officers fatally shoot knife-wielding man in third police shooting of week

WATCH: Cops smash window to use Taser on passenger during seat belt traffic stop

At least three people have died and 22 others, including a 14-year-old boy, have been wounded by gunfire across the Chicago since Friday

Deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever breaks out in Uganda

Robert Plant [LIVE] 2014

CA woman confronts homeowner about Mexican flag in yard(video)

Cowspiracy is a documentary now being screened

Ben Affleck: Hollywood is Full of CIA Agents

▶ Webster Tarpley: McCain Confirmed as Meeting with Cannibal... - YouTube

Leonard Cohen - Almost Like the Blues

Self-Defense Against Robots

John Lennon’s 1974 Broadway flop

Probation, end of career for Springfield Missouri officer that shot unarmed man

Panhandler Shot By Springfield Police Identified As Eric Butts

The Rolling Stones - Goin' Home

"Kill the Messenger" Movie to Vindicate Gary Webb's CIA Drug Running Reporting

Video of Blacked Out U.N. General Assembly Speech from Argentina's President Exposing the Agenda

Jewish leaders in Argentina blast president's UNGA address

Saturday, October 04, 2014

As more and more ‘vaccination’ propaganda appears in the main stream media, it is crucial that the American people become aware of the outrageous scam the CDC and the medical industrial complex are running

Lions Eat Elephant Alive

Explore The World's Most Detailed Map Of The Seafloor

UCSB’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis helped produce the first Ocean Health Index that includes all the Earth’s oceans 
 The S.S. Connaught — a luxurious ocean liner considered the Titanic of its era — has finally been discovered. The 380-foot iron-hulled side-wheeled steamer sunk in 1860

Susan Lindauer - Hour 1 - Disastrous US Foreign Policy: From 9/11 to ISIS

This Shows Exactly How Much McDonald’s Costs

McDonald’s Menu – 1972

What Austerity? Northrop Grumman Wins $350 Million Contract for More Spy Drones

Mortado, the Human Fountain

Oil prices this week fell to their lowest level in more than two years, down about $20 a barrel from late spring.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. - Wildlife officials say a bow hunter who had just killed an elk in Routt County also killed a mountain lion because he felt threatened.

Rescuers save elk trapped in barbed wire fence

ISIS mujahideen parade in Abu Ghraib, Mar, 30,2014

Coast Guard Rescues Man Running Across Ocean in Bubble

Fine the guys rescue for from stupidity

Massacre at Centralia Missouri

Bear Is Too Smart And Strong For Electric-Deer Gag

DUMMERSTON, Vt. (AP) - Police say a driver escaped injury after her car struck three bears on a foggy Interstate 91 in Vermont(No Video,No Pic).

Stevie Wonder - "Don't Drive Drunk" - 1980's TV Commercial


Scientists reject climate change link to Colorado floods

Robin Williams Last Interview Before Suicide

Former director of the “Call of Duty” video game franchise suggested stationing soldiers in U.S. schools.

A judge on Friday tossed out an involuntary manslaughter charge against a Detroit police officer who shot and killed a 7-year-old girl during a 2010 police raid.

Former Missouri cop indicted for filming teen boy’s genitals during search

'Vaccinated' mosquitos released in Rio to combat dengue


Friday, October 03, 2014

RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) - Swing sets are being removed from the playgrounds at Richland elementary schools because they're too dangerous.

At least two Colorado adults have died from complications from what may be enterovirus-68, the same strain that has afflicted hundreds, mostly children, across the country.

11th child sickened with mysterious muscle weakness
Belgium: 45 Litres of Concentrated Live Polio Virus Solution Released Into the Environment

The Osmonds - Crazy Horses


The Big Book of Female Killers, Chapter 1: "The Blood Countess"


Webster Tarpley breaks down why you don't want to vote Republican and the McCain Scandal of meeting with ISIS/Al Qeda leaders

The Kinks-Mountain Woman

Man who was shot 5 times by police charged with murder because one of the 9 total shots fired killed an innocent bystander

Police Departments Retaliate Against Organized "Cop Watch" Groups Across the US
Denver deputies plan rally to fight back

Charles Manson musical opens in Hamburg, Germany

Triple-Digit Fall Temperatures Roasting California

Pacific Ocean Heating Rapidly after new Fukushima Leak

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Residents in west Boulder required to use ‘bear-proof’ trash cans starting Wednesday

Man Pilots Hot Air Balloon Deep into a Cave

How to make a hot air balloon

France Cuts Social Security Payments Of 500,000 Seniors

US disability benefits WILL be cut 20% in 2016

Less than 24 hours after the first US-based Ebola infection was confirmed in Dallas, TX it is being reported that another individual who had contact with Patient Zero is now in strict isolation and being tested for possible infection.

The Texas Ebola patient was released from the hospital two days before he was ultimately placed in isolation 
 Five students within the family circle of the Dallas Ebola patient will not be quarantined despite the fact they may be in the incubation cycle of the deadly disease.
Dallas parents fearing Ebola remove children from school
Ebola Overwhelming West Africa Communities 
United Airlines scrambles to alert HUNDREDS of passengers who came in contract with Ebola patient as it is revealed he entered U.S. at Washington Dulles before flying to Dallas
There are only 19 level 4 bio-containment beds in the whole of the United States 
Creepy ‘Plague INC.’ game lets you start Ebola in the U.S.

St. Louis to forgive about 220,000 warrants for nonviolent municipal offenses

1 in 12 Americans use illegal drugs

Britons spend more on drugs and prostitutes than beer and wine

Thing-Fish is a 1984 album by Frank Zappa. with a story revolving around a government plot to kill African Americans and homosexuals by way of a virus

Tom and Jerry cartoons will now carry a warning that some scenes will feature elements of "racial prejudice" which were once acceptable.

Boston Herald: Sorry If We Offended With Obama-Watermelon Cartoon

Photos of a bobcat at a home in Estes Park.

LOUISIANA, Mo. (AP) - Police in Missouri say a former Colorado funeral home worker tasked with spreading cremated ashes in the Rocky Mountains instead kept four people's remains in the trunk of his car for several years after he was fired.

The government's release of a trove of data Tuesday detailing drug and device companies' payments to doctors

An estimated 35,000 walrus were photographed on Saturday about five miles north of Point Lay

Walrus in large numbers were first spotted on the US side of the Chukchi Sea in 2007. 

They returned in 2009, and in 2011 scientists estimated 30,000 walruses appeared along a half-mile stretch of beach near Point Lay.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

California will become the first state to allow family members to ask a judge to temporarily seize guns from someone who is suspected of posing an immediate danger.

Governor Edmund Brown on Tuesday signed into law a bill that bans plastic shopping bags, making California the first U.S. state to officially prohibit stores from handing them out for free.

Listen To Music By A Dozen Different All-Robot Bands

Robots Join Library Workforce

Hillary Clinton admits role in Honduran coup aftermath

How the U.S. Concocted a Terror Threat to Justify Syria Strikes, and the Corporate Media Went Along

South Carolina police have shot 35 people and killed 16 so far this year.

A water tanker truck trying to cross a historic Greene County truss bridge was built in 1878 caused part of the bridge to collapse.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A 52-year-old Cole County man is dead after apparently contracting rabies.

Fewer rabid animals in Colorado this year

Children's Hospital: 10th Colorado child has paralysis-like symptoms; may be tied to Enterovirus 68

Polio-like symptoms found in three Kansas City children
Obama changed an executive order on 7/31/14 to quarantine victims of a respratory illness.

U.S. Olympic champion swimming Michael Phelps arrested for DUI in Baltimore

This is Phelps second DUI arrest.
 He was charged with DUI at age 19 in 2004 in Maryland. He pleaded guilty and received 18 months of probation.

Wyoming's Mysterious Smith Mansion

Monday, September 29, 2014

Henry Kissinger Wants World Army to Fight Terrorists

“What the US did to Cambodia was an Epic Crime”. Kissinger’s Carpet Bombing of Cambodia
Crimes against Humanity: Why Is Henry Kissinger Walking Around Free?

“Project NOLA,” citizens’ security cameras would be integrated with footage shot from other law enforcement cameras already installed around the St. Bernard Parish area near New Orleans

The new Afghan government is to sign a deal on Tuesday that will permit a reduced contingent of US troops to remain in the country beyond 2014.

Karzai would not sign the agreement so the US kicked him out and replaced him with Ashraf Ghani  who worked for the World Bank
As U.S.-Afghanistan Sign Troop Deal, CIA-Backed Warlord Behind Massacre of 2,000 POWs Sworn-In as VP

World wildlife populations halved in 40 years

Searching for the Good Life in the North Dakota Oil Fields

An analysis of Amy Goodman's recent service for the Empire.

Amy Criminal Goodman reacting to WTC Building 7 demolition

A hunter became the hunted after a bear he shot launched a vicious attack on him in Wyoming.

Ages of consent in North America

Cop Who Murdered James Boyd, Caught Plotting on Dashcam, “I’m Going to Shoot Him in the Penis”

SILVERTHORNE, Colo. - If your tires don't have enough tread, the Colorado Department of Transportation may be nagging you soon.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. - Wildlife officers are investigating the death of a female bear found shot to death on a trail near Sunlight Mountain Resort, her cub lingering near the carcass.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mississippi Sued Over 'Hellish' Conditions in For-Profit Prison

2012 - New Bill Legalizes Government Propaganda and Disinformation on American Citizens

War, Media Propaganda and the Police State

Watch Robert Plant Sing Doo-Wop With Jimmy Fallon and an iPad

Pink Floyd Share Cover Art + Full Details of New ‘Endless River’ Album

Arriving Nov. 10, ‘The Endless River’ is a mostly instrumental album with only one track, ‘Louder than Words,’ containing vocals.

Little Richard - Long Tall Sally (1956)

Little Richard ** Good Golly Miss Molly**

In June 2012, he was forced to stop a show, telling the crowd, “Jesus, please help me – I can’t hardly breathe. It’s horrible.” He recovered sufficiently to headline at 2013′s Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, but that seems to have been a temporary reprieve.

Monster Truck drives over spectators(full video)

New Corvette can secretly record conversations

3 killed, 30 wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago

RETANK Sunday, September 21, 2014 2 Dead, 31 Wounded in Weekend Shootings

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Thursday that effectively bans state agencies from displaying or selling items bearing the Confederate flag

David Brooks’s son is in Israeli army

A federal judge has ruled that Anderson County law enforcers and an Oak Ridge doctor are not entitled to immunity from prosecution after the doctor medically paralyzed a man to conduct a cavity search for drugs.

Jimi Hendrix's Last Interview, Recorded a Week Before He Died

Jimi Hendrix Hey Baby (new rising sun) First Rays Album

March of The Jobless Corps - Daniel Kahn and The Painted Bird

Charles Collins Exercise Album c.1922

CHARLES COLLINS EXERCISE PROGRAM 3 Record set with Album c.1922 Canadian HMV-Victor 78 rpm Records

2 climbers rescued from Flatirons in Boulder Saturday night

Charge these ignorant kids at least $10,000 each. Colorado taxpayers don't need to have to pay for their stupidity.
RETANK Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Crews work to rescue climber stuck on ledge at
RETANK Tuesday, September 02, 2014 2 rock climbers rescued from First Flatiron ledge near Fandango route by Rocky Mountain Rescue Group
RETANK Wednesday, July 11, 2012 3 People Rescued From Boulder's Flatirons Tuesday

Denny's restaurant on Federal charges runners $1 to use bathrooms during Race for the Cure

They think mob rules. Sorry folks, a capitalist society don't work that way
And stay out of my neighborhood.

1000 veterans line up for free marijuana at Operation Grow4Vets event in Colorado Springs

Thom Hartmann talks with Lamar Waldron, JFK Historian, Author - The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination

You don’t “have nothing to hide”: How privacy breaches are quietly controlling you

Prelude -  Nothing to Hide - Spirit

US Congress Controlled By AIPAC (includes list of members on AIPAC payroll) - YouTube

Pro-Israel Contributions
James Traficant on Alex Jones Tv 1/5: AIPAC Runs America's Foreign Policy
James Traficant's Last Public Speech

Michael Hoffman - Hour 1 - The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America

They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America - Paperback

Uploads from breakingtheset

Vatican Paedophilia Scandal: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski Stored Over 100,000 Child Porn Videos


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Philip Taylor Kramer (July 12, 1952 – February 12, 1995) was a bass guitar player for the rock group Iron Butterfly during the 1970s. After this he obtained a night school degree in aerospace engineering, he worked on the MX missile guidance system for a contractor of the US Department of Defense and later in the computer industry on fractal compression, facial recognition systems, and advanced communications

All Factors Point to CIA Aerially Assassinating Brazilian Presidential Candidate by Wayne MADSEN

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. - A severed bear head discovered in a Steamboat Springs neighborhood came from a bear that was legally hunted.

Walmart Security Guard Shoots Alleged Beer Thief in the Back

Japanese Hiker Captures Terrifying Video of Mount Ontake's Eruption

How Wall Street Is Hitting the Jackpot by Fleecing Workers' Retirements

The 25 largest U.S. public pensions face about $2 trillion in unfunded liabilities, showing that investment returns can’t keep up with ballooning obligations

LED-Equipped Drones That Are Used to Create 3D Light Art in the Sky

"I'm A Girl Watcher" The O'Kaysons 1960s

Mantis shrimps can see cancer, and scientists have now created a camera that does the same

A leopard dive bomb

Giant, Worm-Slurping Leech Filmed For The First Time

Pittsburgh cops Tased man while he was praying for his dead son in ER

At least twenty-three people were killed by officers from various United States police departments in the past week. That means about three people died in the custody or at the hands of police every day from September 18-24.

One Night Cough Syrup

'Savage' attack on bus driver caught on video

Caught on Camera: Passenger Attacks Bus Driver at 70mph
Video Shows RTA Bus Driver Attacked
Brutal Olympia bus attack caught on camera
 Detroit Bus Driver Attacked With Bleach
Greyhound bus driver attacked, passenger Jeff Hawkins steps in to help (VIDEO)
Video of bus driver attack on Long Island
Video Shows Man Assaulting T Bus Driver, Causing Crash
Video shows vicious Pinellas school bus attack
KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Punches flew on a Metro bus between a passenger and the driver and it was all caught on tape.

9/11 Witnesses who were murdered

Ultra-realistic Dental Training Android Robot

via Dental Mannequins Are Terrifying

Russia’s state-run OAO Rosneft (ROSN) said a well drilled in the Kara Sea region of the Arctic Ocean with Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) struck oil, showing the region has the potential to become one of the world’s most important crude-producing areas.

Pink Floyd - GoodBye Blue Sky

Feds seek 50% hike in Rocky Mountain National Park fee, more elsewhere

Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children

Friday, September 26, 2014

Man beheads woman in Oklahoma workplace

Newscasters Agree: Don't Worry, Be Happy Edition

The Trap, by Wyclef Jean & Mike Dunafon is the Official campaign song for Independent of Governor of Colorado, Mayor Mike Dunafon.

World's 10 Greatest Magic Trick REVEALED

A Fascinating Look at Colon, Michigan, The ‘Magic Capital of the World’

Gordon Duff unloaded new shocking Russian Intelligence that ties in with other sources and names those responsible for planning and carrying out 9/1 News - These Bad Ass Autonomous Military Robot Weapons will win all our Wars

BBC News Caught Staging FAKE Chemical Attack In Syria

CNN total news fakery with Charles Jaco 
Fake TV News: Video News Releases

Experts Unveil Plan to End Rabies Globally via Dog Vaccinations

10 Hidden Images on Album Covers

A military strike on Syria could lead to a nuclear catastrophe if a missile were to hit a reactor containing radioactive uranium, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman warned.

Military to allow undocumented immigrants to serve

Downtown train - Tom Waits