Sunday, February 27, 2011

What would John Lennon have thought of not being able to smoke in Central Park.


Homeland Security this summer plans to begin testing a DNA analyzer that's portable and fast enough to return results in an hour.

DNA "Genetic Patdown" Introduced to Airports by DHS
Drug testing in the Travis County Drug Court Program will be done in a matter of seconds thanks to a new device which scans the eye for signs of drug use.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent in January is Lowest in Recorded History

Recalling the Slaughter of Innocents-Twenty years ago, an American "smart" bomb incinerated a shelter holding 400 Iraqi women and children,

Rare Snowing in Burbank, CA 02/26/11

This winter's heavy snowfalls and other extreme storms could well be related to increased moisture in the air due to global climate change, a panel of scientists said

Geithner's Crimes Through AIG - Will The Truth Come Out

Mama Sloth Cuddles Newborn Baby Sloth

First-hand account of the WTC attacks and subsequent evacuation from Lower Manhattan residence.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush - December 2007

Missouri Executive Order also known as the "Mormon Extermination Order" in Latter Day Saint history, was an executive order issued on October 27, 1838

Millions of acres of Chinese agricultural land and over 12 million tons of Chinese grain are contaminated by toxic metal pollution

Pakistan arrests US security contractor at the start of the murder trial of another American held in Pakistan, the CIA agent Raymond Davis.

The National September 11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site will be dedicated on September 11, 2011.

They switch a pic of Building 5 for Building 7,,lol

Oingo Boingo - Hey! (Live)

Oingo Boingo - Insanity

The Military’s Long-Lost Nuclear Apocalypse Film

Oil and gas industry gears up to fight loss of tax breaks–by throwing money at politicians

Meet the members of Congress who sided with corporate polluters over children and your health

Flies and cockroaches carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria from factory farms

Friday, February 25, 2011

No permit needed to conceal carry at private schools, says Colorado House Judicial committee

Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

obligatory-Lesley Gore - It's My Party (1965)

Aircraft Carrier USS John C Stennis launching aircraft

information wants to be free

50 Rallies in 50 State Capitols to Support Wisconsin

Cuban Authorities Set Date For Trial Of U.S. Contractor Alan Gross »

Concepts of Accountability in International Law and Institutions

Due to a new Kremlin-backed bill that looks to pass Russian parliament, beer will now be classified as an alcohol in Russia.

Horses save Milk Truck Stuck in Snow

New York Dolls release new album with exclusive gigs in London

Meanwhile--Demonstrations turned violent across Iraq on Friday, as protesters burned buildings and security forces fired on the crowds.

Bizarre History Blog

Too Far Gone - Neil Young

Defense secretary warns against fighting more ground wars

Anther War Criminal all the way back to the Iran-Contra scandal

A Scientific Bombshell Dropped This Week - by Jill Richardson for Sustainable Food and Agriculture

This previously unknown organism is only visible under an electron microscope (36,000X), with an approximate size range equal to a medium size virus. It is able to reproduce and appears to be a micro-fungal-like organism. If so, it would be the first such micro-fungus ever identified. There is strong evidence that this infectious agent promotes diseases of both plants and mammals, which is very rare.

Roundup or Roundup-Ready Crops May Be Causing Animal Miscarriages and Infertility

Zoom in on the moon: Astronomers create most detailed lunar landscape images ever seen

Obama Administration Pushing For A Global, $20 Billion Settlement To End Foreclosuregate (and the Foreclosures can Resume)

haHa, 20 billion and yet they stole trillions.

Nothing to see here slave,,move along

George Soros writing Egypt's New constitution

Glenn Beck’s Secret

Former president of MADD chapter busted for DUI

Oberlin, now a realtor, had no comment.

US growth estimate in surprise downward revision


Tiny Transistors Could Be Used To Track Cash

The Clovers - Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash
"Love Potion No. 9" originally performed by the Clovers.

'WALMART Of Weed': 10,000 Sq. Ft. Medical Pot Emporium Opening In CA...

DEA to legalize marijuana only for ‘Big Pharma,’ NORML claims

Earthquake Shakes Up Suez Canal as Iran Warships Approach

"Looks like it's the same old characters. An awful lot of of "coincidences" involving some of these so-called "natural" disasters.

Earthquake weapons

TSA harassing and searching a 9 year old

Secret ATF operation near the border that intentionally allowed thousands of assault rifles into Mexico Kills ICE Agent

They don't tell you that there but read this

VIDEO: Secretary Napolitano Speaks at Funeral of ICE Agent Killed on Duty « Fox News Insider

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MSNBC Implies People Skeptical Of Government Are Psychologically Insane

CNN Attributes ‘Mainstreaming Of Conspiracy Theories’ To Rise In U.S. Hate Groups

Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Beaten, Arrested for Silent Protest at Clinton Speech

Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant

Wealthy Businessman Linked to Congo Gold Smuggling Jet [Wait for It] ‘Was Recently Appointed to an Advisory Post in the Obama Administration’

Obamas Presidential Limosuine is called "The Beast"

Merry Clayton reinvents Gimme Shelter


Democracy Now!: Matt Taibbi on His Rolling Stone Article "Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?"

Four Bankers Charged With Helping U.S. Taxpayers Hide $3

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - "Wall Street" (FULL LENGTH)

Top 5 Medical Information Websites

Indiana Official Fired After Reportedly Urging Wisconsin Police To Shoot Protesters

Outdoor Smoking Banned in NYC Public Parks & Beaches

The Hour of Our Time - The Legacy of William Cooper

Sunday, February 20, 2011

US Army Wants Machine Gun Rubber Bullets for Crowd Control

Farmageddon: The Unseen War On American Family Farms

USDA Awards $60 Million For Study Of Climate Change On Farmers

Marijuana and porn were sent down a communications shaft and smuggled to those trapped Chilean miners

with pic of stoned miner

Obama vows US will ‘out-hustle’ world


“Basically, if we want to win the future, America has to out-build, and out-innovate, and out-educate and out-hustle the rest of the world. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

Is This How a President Should Act? - Matt Welch

China just announced plans to build 1 million electric cars per year.

People from around the world buy pizza for Wisconsin protesters

Johnny Angel - Shelly Fabares

The Indictment For Torture Filed Against George W. Bush (Part One: The Facts)

The CIA Should Be Held In Contempt For Destruction Of Torture Tapes, ACLU Says

Scientist Investigating How Mosquitoes Transmit Diseases Dies From Ingested Cyanide

also- The LSU community is reeling after the sudden death Thursday of prominent LSU coastal scientist Gregory Stone.
Stone, who was quoted extensively in many publications internationally after last year’s BP oil leak, was the director of the renowned Wave-Current Information System.

Scientist Dies of Bubonic Plauge

Seattle Times Calls For Legalization Of Marijuana

Oklahoma mom Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow is currently serving a 12 year sentence for selling what amounted to 31 dollars of weed to an undercover cop

Local Pot Report - Police are investigating a robbery at a Boulder marijuana dispensary by a man and a woman allegedly wielding machetes Friday night.

The Rocky Mountain Diner, downtown Denver's comfort-food castle, is closing at 4 p.m. today after a 20-year run.

Wolfe's Barbeque just closed two months ago

Kansas - Death Of Mother Nature Suite - Cowtown Ballroom - 1973

Frank Zappa-Duke Of Prunes- Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City,MO -1972

We went there with the entourage we called the House of Chadron(named after Chadron Nebraska-where Paul was from)for the Zappa show
Paul and his house mates had crafted a small little race car shaped like a pickle and when Frank took the stage they rolled it out to him.
He looked at it, rather perplexed, and a roadie came and carried it away.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Banks may not be the only businesses the U.S. government is determined to help succeed-Defense Department Helps Big 5 Military Contracters

US casualties in Iraq, last week rose to 77,735, -35,540 dead and wounded from "hostile" causes and 42,195 dead and evacuated from "non-hostile"

Black Bear, Bummed Out By Climate Change, Falls Asleep In Backyard - In February.

Complete Audio of the Execution Tapes - Complete collection of subpoenaed Georgia execution tapes, totaling more than eight hours of audio

The United States Stands Alone with Israel in the UN Security Council

Hollywood's source for custom special effect contact lense

The KinKs Rainbow Theater 1972

The Kinks - A Well respected man

The Worst

Employer Demands Facebook Login From Job Applicants so the interviewer can read not only his postings, but those of his family and friends too.

Temperature swings 100 degrees in one week in Okla. town

The tanks that roll through the streets of Bahrain are M60A3 tanks, made in Detroit in the 1990s,

American military sales to Bahrain have totaled nearly $1.5 billion in the past decade alone.

US Companies Reported Hoarding Over $2 Trillion In Cash Overseas To Avoid World’s Highest Tax Rate In America

U.S. companies are taxed at up to 35% when they bring home the earnings generated through the operations of their overseas subsidiaries.
They get a credit for any taxes paid to foreign governments—but, since the corporate-tax rate in the U.S. is one of the world's highest, most companies are in no rush to bring the money back onshore.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Colorado Congressman Jared Polis has amendments to the House would eliminate much of the federal funding for the war on drugs in the United States

Help Rep. Jared Polis defund the Drug Czar

For Libya riot videos-The Great Libyan Video Archive

And something you hear nothing about Algerian braces for second pro-democracy rally

US Mulls Proposal for Another 73,000 Afghan Troops

US will be spending upwards of $12 billion annually just on the Afghan military.

Ironically A top Social Security Administration official warned workers they may have to take furloughs if cuts proposed by House Republicans take effect.

The GOP budget would allocate $10.7 billion for 2011, while President Barack Obama’s 2012 budget asks for $12.5 billion for the agency, which dispenses checks to 53 million people each month.

Commissioner Michael Astrue said earlier this month that $12.5 billion was the least he could work with to dispense checks on time and to review millions of disability benefits claims.

How Monsanto And Evangelical Christian Organizations Hijacked The Taxpayer Money Intended For Haiti

A resolution urges Congress to call a convention to draft a constitutional amendment allowing states to repeal federal laws

House of Representatives voted on Friday to choke off cash to fund President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law

After 10 months and an estimated 200 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, oysters are back on New Orleans menus

Mutant Fish Safely Store Toxins in Fat

When Anacondas Attack

Anaconda Attacks Dog

World’s first hummingbird-like unmanned aircraft system takes flight

President Ronald Reagan - Address on Iran-Contra

Gerald Celente on Obama's budget: "They're bankrupting the country!"

Researchers at University College London have developed a technology that allows artificial limbs to be directly attached to a human skeleton.

German researchers have demonstrated a car that can be driven with brain power alone

Judy Padilla tells her story of working at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant from 1982 to 2005.


Ecuador oiled, sick and dying may not see penny of $8.6B lawsuit

White House Missile Battery

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Freebies

Benihana’s Japanese Restaurant birthday freebie is pretty darn awesome, if you ask me. What other place gives you thirty bucks every year?

"The turn toward heaven", "The Heaven Shaker" or "Change the World" were manned torpedos and suicide craft used by the Imperial Japanese Navy

WTF?--Ray McGovern Brutalized & Left Bleeding by Hillary Clinton Police


Jane Cunningham believes Missouri kids need to improve their work ethic so she's sponsoring a bill that would repeal much of the state's child labor

Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said in a lecture posted to his YouTube channel that Congressional laws banning child labor are forbidden by the US Constitution.

Army admits Gulf War medical records destroyed

A simple experiment demonstrating the visualisation of cymatics can be done by sprinkling sand on a metal plate and vibrating the plate

NBC Action News takes a comprehensive look at the 150 years since America's Civil War and how it has changed the country and the Kansas City area.

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys [Hardcover]

Feds Accidentally Shut Down 84,000 Websites over Wrongful Kiddie Porn Accusation

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (Monterey 1967)

The Ha'iku Stairs, aptly nicknamed the Stairway to Heaven, is a steep climb on the island of Oahu that seems to disappear into the sky itself.

The History of the CBS Eye Logo 2001

FBI Says There Is A 100% Chance of WMD Attack Days After San Diego Nuke Story

Madison WI police respond to the fourth day of street protests

see Wisconsin Governor to slash pay and cut benefits with no negotiation and to Use National Guard Against State Workers who rise up
Madison schools close for the day to allow teachers to protest Gov. Scott Walker's union-busting budget plan.
Video: We…really have little idea why our teachers brought us here to protest some dude
Protest downtown Madison 2/16/11 #wiunion
“Democracy Uprising” in the U.S.A.?: Noam Chomsky on Wisconsin’s Resistance to Assault on Public Sector, the Obama-Sanctioned Crackdown on Activists, and the Distorted Legacy of Ronald Reagan

Crooked Still - Come On In My Kitchen

How a Dead Elephant Is Consumed In Under Two Minutes

Barney Frank Ambushed By Jason Mattera: Banking, Brothels & Fannie Mae

The newest way to make meth is called the Shake n’ Bake

Comments from methheads are hilarious if not tl:dr
Teach Your Kids to Make Meth Song

Florida Police Obtain Warrant to Search ‘All Persons’ in Apartment Complex

Police Officer Threatens to Taser Man's Genitals
New "Laser" Weapon Debuts in LA County Jail

The Blonger Gang - Lou Blonger's army of grafters preyed mercilessly on visitor's to Denver's downtown district for almost thirty years.

Final Vote Results for Roll Call To Extend Expiring Provisions of the USA PATRIOT

A Secret Waterfall - The fourth hidden wonder of South America.

Not to be outdone, Kuelap can only compare in size and grandeur to Machu Picchu in Peru, and the greater archaeological sites in the Americas. Kuelap's construction is presumed to have taken at least 200 years to complete and millions of cubic feet of stone.

George Orwell wrote an article on the making of a decent cup of tea that insisted on the observing of 11 different "golden" rules.

via How To Make a Decent Cup of Tea Ignore Yoko Ono and John Lennon, and heed George Orwell's tea-making advice. By Christopher Hitchens

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WeAreChange Confronts Dick Cheney on 9/11 Standdown Order

Top Documentary Films

Obama Budget Proposal: Cuts To Target Working Poor, Middle Class & Students

Obama Pencils In $37 Billion Budget Increase For DHS, Naked Body Scanners
Obama’s $3.7 Trillion Budget Calls for Military Spending Increases and Deep Cuts to Social Service Programs
Amid Budget Cuts, Air Force to Develop New Bomber
Congress & U.S. Aid to Israel(Since 1996, the American taxpayers are still sending Israel $3 billion a year and providing assorted loan guarantees, waivers, rich technology transfers and other indirect assistance.)
Do We Really Need More Submarines and Aircraft Carriers?
Mr. Obama‘s budget projects that 2011 will see the biggest one-year debt jump in history, or nearly $2 trillion
5 Winners from the 2012 Pentagon Budget
NPR thanks Obama for money in the budget.

U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

Mongolian female contortionists

A Tribute to Olbermann and Countdown (Special Event)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Craigslist Congressman Warned Teens About Dangers of the Internet

oops,,Married GOP Congressman Sent Sexy Pictures to Craigslist Babe

Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before Oklahoma City Bombing

New documents released under the Freedom of Information Act confirm that the FBI received a phone call the day before the Oklahoma City bombing warning that the attack was imminent, and that the feds tried to reach a deal with bomber Terry Nichols to take the death penalty off the table if he admitted making the call.

MORE than 2,500 left-handed people are killed every year around the world from using equipment meant for right-handed people.

Evolution of Humans Animated 4 billion years in 8 minutes Carl Sagan

Witness account: 28 hours in the dark heart of Egypt's torture machine

Web programmer based in Canada sentenced to death after allegedly confessing under torture to designing adult sites
From 2004--UK troops held torture contests, Iraqi claims

Secret ingredients of Corexit now revealed by feds after their dumping on the Gulf

Virtually every perfume, cologne and fragrance product on the market is made with cancer-causing chemicals that their manufacturers refuse to disclose, claiming their formulas are "trade secrets."

Genealogy of the US Presidents

The Insectohopter

An Analysis of the Flawed Analysis of the Missouri Jobs Act

US unemployment to remain high for years, says Bernanke

He should be in prison

The U.S. Navy spent $450,000 to send four F-18 fighter jets from Virginia for a spectacular flyover before Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Criminally Infested Super Bowl

more of my Superbowl Links

An "everlasting lightning storm" rages continuously for up to 10 hours a night, in exactly the same place, 260 nights a year.

Assange helped develop, at the time, a state-of-the-art computer surveillance toolthat was used by the NSA and CIA.

Air Force Warns Everyone Is a Criminal for Reading WikiLeaks

Tony Blair’s Legacy of Deception by Susan Lindauer

excerpt,,I got hit with all the bells and whistles of the Patriot Act — secret charges, secret evidence and secret grand jury testimony. My demands for a trial were blocked to protect the government. Instead, I “disappeared” into prison on Carswell Air Force Base in Texas for 11 months,

My team had delivered advance warnings about the 9/11 attack to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft’s private staff and the Office of Counter Terrorism in August, 2001.

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Future of Homeland Security: Interrogations and Scanning your Face for “Malintent” (video)

Russian youths partying

Neil Young - Welfare Mothers

Ben Livingston, the father of weather weapons, talks about man made cloud seeding, that started back in the 60's.

Everything you read about AIG and Goldman yesterday pertains to this.

How Bernanke's Printing Press Is Causing Global Revolution (Video)

DOJ Fights To Keep Bush Official Scott Bloch Out Of Prison

What a fool---The judge said last week that Bloch, who pled guilty to misdemeanor contempt of Congress for ringing up Geeks on Call to wipe his government hard drive clean as his alleged retaliation against employees was being probed, must spend at least one month in jail.

A New Hampshire farmer freed after his three-year sentence for threatening a trespasser with a gun

During deliberations, several councilors said they had serious concerns about the credibility of Bird's accuser.
They said jurors in his 2008 trial never heard about her extensive criminal record, including convictions for animal cruelty and writing bad checks.

Chicken Laws

Chicken Train / Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Dick Cheney and 2012-hopeful Mitt Romney have significant interests in companies involved in Iranian investment deals.

Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone - 1973)

Mott the Hoople All The Young Dudes
Mott The Hoople - The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll

This video provides a look at the stray dogs situation in the city of Detroit. 50,000 stray dogs, 70,000 abandon buildings

DHS Seizes Websites for Merely LINKING to Copyrighted Material

Which reminds me Drug-tunnel bust aided by controversial provision of USA Patriot Act

Whether in a Taco, Between Buns, or Served as a Steak, Fast Food Meat May Not Be What You Think

Ralph Nader Rips Obama for his Sit-Down with Corporate Barons

Video of an uncontacted tribe spotted in the Brazilian jungle has been released

One in 50 Troops in Afghanistan Is a Robot

RoboEarth Teaches Robots to Learn From Peers

"WAR IS NEXT" - Gerald Celente

Ron Paul - "How to start a 20 year war" or "How the US gave Saddam Hussein a green light to invade Kuwait and covered it up"

Someone accidentally spraying bear repellent in a suburban Denver hotel forced the evacuation of about 40 guests

Bear Feeding Frenzy: A Grizzly Attack

Local reports of the disasterous effects happening all along the gulf of mexicos shorelines and fishing waters.

Man-of-war sting hundreds on South Florida beaches

Neil Young - War of Man

Huffington Post - AOL's "Dirty Little Secret": 60% of AOL's Profits Come From Misinformed Customers

via this thread
Flashback: Huffington Post Censors Jesse Ventura 9/11 Article

Egypt, the US and the Israel Lobby

Susan Atkins (1976) Interview-Part 1

Susan Atkins' 23rd Psalm Death Bed Last Words

Pentagon Paid Billions To Contractors Suspended For Fraud

Keith Richards trying to play eletric guitar with Chuck Berry

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Plans To Slash Benefits, And Raise The Retirement Age From 57 To 65

Bloomberg spends $245,000 of taxpayers' dough employing THREE chefs at Gracie Mansion

Montana GOP Lawmaker Submits Bill To Create Armed Paramilitary Militia Force

Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy dies at 58

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues

Metafilter has some good links

JPMorgan Chase officials allegedly ignored clear signs of Madoff’s fraud despite their own deep suspicions.

The More Americans That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes

Fox licking window

Leadbelly - Black Betty

Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom - Show Me What You've Got


Keep On Chooglin - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Eustace Clarence Mullins, Jr. (March 9, 1923 – February 2, 2010) was a populist American political writer, artist, biographer, and antisemite.

2009-09-27 - Eustace Mullins - Gnostic Media - A Bona Fide Conspiracy.mp3
Eustace Mullins The Neo Zionist Order 1 of 10

Cheney the Torturer calls Mubarak the Torturer a good friend, U.S. ally

Secret police torture that suppressed Egyptian opposition for 30 years
Bush's Swiss visit off after complaints on torture
Unrepetant Rumsfeld: Iraqi Deaths, Torture Worth It
Rumsfeld: Guantanamo one of world’s ‘finest’ prisons
‘War criminal!’: Ron Paul backers crash Cheney-Rumsfeld reunion

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sarah Palin cancels Denver appearance citing safety concerns (or attendance projections were too low)

Quack,Quack---Urgent Call to Prayer for the Middle East - 02/03/11

Kansas inmates place order for 942 large pizzas

This Spy Robot Will Always Find You—Unless You Stop Breathing

Cheyenne lodges with buffalo meat drying

Many of today's catastrophes traced to Reagan's presidency

Ronald Reagan's 30-Year Time Bombs
"By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations.
10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald Reagan
Super Bowl Sunday with Ronald Reagan, 1985 (plus video!)
Ronald Reagan, Enabler of Atrocities
Reagan Events Hide Brutal History

Water Flowing Into Arctic Warmest in 2,000 Years

Birds living around the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident have 5% smaller brains, an effect directly linked to lingering background radiation.

Cattle Population in U.S. Smallest Since 1958

Renewing the Patriot Act While America Sleeps

Michael Jackson - Full Superbowl Halftime Show 1993

Top 5 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows
After Two Years, They Finally Arrested the Guy Who Spliced Porn Into the Super Bowl
Cowboys Stadium Techs Up for Super Bowl Close-Up
The Super Bowl, the most watched US television event of the year, is to be without cheerleaders for the first time in its 45 year history.
ICE, Robots, Choppers, Fighters, Bomb Dogs, TSA Screening, Full Pat-Downs…
Found at Last: A Tape of the First Super Bowl
A video about banned Super Bowl commercials.

Tommy Chong was part of Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers

Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers - I Am Your Man

2 Detained Reporters Saw Egypt Secret Police’s Methods Firsthand

Obama Broke Pledge to Force Banks to Help Homeowners

Ron Paul Enters Evidence of Bush War Crimes in Congressional Record

Did Bush Cancel Trip to Switzerland to Avoid Possible Torture Inquiry?
Bush Family War Profits

Here is Where Technology Goes Beyond My Comprehension

DLP technology

Friday, February 04, 2011

"The Mexican government had made it clear that they will no longer allow ANY businesses to accept US dollars


"Police Brutality in the USA: Americans, Too Are Oppressed" by Paul Craig Roberts

Shakey's Pizza was named for the fact that the owner had nerve damage from contracting Malaria in WWII.

Cotton: Highest Prices in 150 Years

Egypt - Students Of The World - WW3 - Todays Trends In The News

Consumer Watchdog asked House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to investigate the relationship between Google and several govt agencies

Consumer Watchdog asked House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to investigate the relationship between Google and several government agencies.

Ben Bernanke on Auditing the Fed at The National Press Club 02/03/11

Google Art Project - Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels

Jimmy Carter Finds Out It’s Illegal to Hurt an Israeli’s Feelings

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Get Rid of All Private Insurance Companies

Rush Limbaugh is close to, or just over the billionaire net worth mark.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Grass Roots - Let's Live For Today

The Grass Roots-Midnight confessions

Autotune the State of the Union

Obama's state of the union address started at exactly 9:11 pm EST with the words "thank you."

Mark Dissette, documentary filmmmaker, premieres his 71-minute documentary film on PHAMALY -- the Physically Handicapped Actors and Musical Artists

Record Amounts of Fish Consumed in 2008 - 80% of World's Fisheries Fully Exploited or Overfished

Sherman Skolnick (1930 – 2006), political activist and conspiracy theorist

Skolnick Report
2000-03-28 - Sherman Skolnick - Greenspan & The Bush Family.mp3

Kraft Foods Distribution Center Springfield Underground Springfield, Missouri


The war on terror rewrote that history in the US. Castor seeds are now a fearful evil unless they are attached to the decorative plant.

Felony Drug Charges For A Shopping List

Uncle John Scruggs - Little Log Cabin in the Lane

Rarely seen video of Van Morrison fronting Dutch group Cuby And The Blizzards in 1967

Manchester airport has introduced holograms of real-life customer service staff to help speed up security queues

Rumsfeld to receive ‘Defender of the Constitution Award’ at CPAC

He should be on trial for war crimes
Speaking of which,, Obama and the War Criminals

Open a Locked Suitcase without Leaving a Trace

But when you break the zipper and get caught you need to learn How to Smile Properly

New York City schools would lose as many as 21,000 teachers in the event the state reduces education aid by $1 billion

Claiming that he is not cutting education and medical spending, Governor David Paterson proposed $2 billion in spending cuts to close this year’s state budget deficit gap.

Keith Richards Dead Flowers live

That 1 Guy - Silverman created an instrument out of wire and iron pipes that could serve his ever-expanding musical techniques.

Mexico Launches ID Cards for Children, Carrying Fingerprint And Iris Scan

Russia To Adopt Universal ID Card in 2012

'Mubarak May Ask Israel For Help'

Rights NGO claims that Israeli planes carrying crowd dispersal weapons have arrived in Egypt
The wealthy leave Egypt taking money with them
The Torture Career of Egypt's New Vice President

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors.

A Denver radio station managed to get a sly ad into a Green Bay newspaper before Super Bowl XXXII (1998).

Brandon's Herp Adventures: Eastern Cottonmouth

Steve Irwin Greatest TV event. Rare Snake Bite.

Nearly 11 Percent of US Houses Empty